DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/01/18

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 18, 2019


— hearing workplace rage directed at the deaf

What is hearing rage? A deaf man habitually spent
his lunch hour reading the newspapers at the library
at his workplace. Another deaf man habitually picked
out these free “self-help”, “advocacy” and “advice”
pamphlets and manuals from the agency human resources
magazine rack. These two deaf employees were
scolded by their supervisors for “abusing” their
work place privileges! Hearing rage? Yes!
Discrimination? Again, yes!


— newly elected official welcomes the deaf

Jonathan Michael Nez was inaugurated as the newest
president of the Navajo Nation. During his
speech, he thanked the Native American interpreters
and welcomed the deaf in in the audience to join and
work with him to improve the lives of fellow
Native Americans, both deaf and hearing!


— newspaper headline is very wrong

A newspaper headline today said:

Nyle DiMarco’s World Is Completely Silent

Completely silent? Nyle is well known for his
strong views, quotable in many worldwide
newspapers regarding rights and needs of
the deaf. Silent? No way!



Deaf jobs – latest update

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Safer Internet Day 2019 And How Can You Celebrate It

Safer Internet Day is an online initiative where the idea is to make the internet a better and safer place. It falls on the first Tuesday of February, and this year it will be on the 5th of February when it’s celebrated.

The day was meant as an awareness campaign for a safer internet and started ten years earlier in Europe. Today, however, the Safer Internet Day initiative has garnered so much traction that it is celebrated in over 100 countries across the globe.

A Little History

To delve in a little history, Safer Internet Day started back in 2004 by InSafe – a European network of Awareness Centres dealing in practicing a safer internet. It was designed to teach people how they can positively benefit from the internet and protect their privacy.

It was in the year 2012 when the US officially adopted the concept after which there was no stopping. Safer Internet Day initiative spread like wildfire all over the globe. It was a direct result of collaboration between the US Department of Homeland Security and the European Commission.

How can I Celebrate Safer Internet Day?

You can do so by employing safety measures while engaging in activities online such as making sure that your antivirus and anti-malware software is up-to-date. Or that parental locks are in place to make it safer for your children to surf the web. Moreover, it is the day you can revisit your passwords to different accounts and make them stronger and difficult to guess.

On social media, use the hashtag #SaferInternetDay and spread the awareness about the said holiday. It will ensure, at least from your end that all the people who are in your circle (friends or family) are seeing it and are gearing up for safety measure against the threats lurking in the cybersphere.

In Conclusion

Without a doubt, Safer Internet Day is a great initiative and sheds light on how crucial it is for people to take online privacy and security, seriously. A lot of evil happens over the internet such as identity theft, hacking, threats like Ransomware, and replicating AIs.

You can stay protected against all of the above threats by employing (as previously stated) stronger passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA), and by using a decent VPN service which provides a complete security solution like Ivacy.
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Ivacy Announces Its Collaboration With Insight IPTV

At only the start of the New Year, Ivacy has already scored an achievement under its belt – the partnering and inclusion of IPTV service from Insight.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol television and deals in delivering content based on your logical internet protocol (IP). Moreover, it does not rely on any traditional methods such as satellite or cable TV signals/format.

Insight IPTV service is a geo-restricted outside of the US. Therefore, you will not be able to access its many benefits which come with it, hence why it is essential that a decent VPN service such as Ivacy is employed.

How can Ivacy be of use to me?

With Ivacy VPN, you will be able to bypass geo-restrictions and bask in the glory of Insight IPTV streaming platform. Ivacy is not only the ‘fastest’ VPN there is but also provides access to 80+ streaming channels from within the app.

The collaboration with Insight IPTV is yet another addition to a long line of streaming services that Ivacy is known for among netizens.

Benefits of IPTV

Advantages of IPTV are numerous. We have listed some of the standout features from Insight IPTV that you will find interesting. The list includes but is not limited to,

  1. Access to 1600+ Channels
  2. Offer content in HD and 4K Quality
  3. Access geo-restricted content from different regions including UK, USA, UAE, Canada, France, Germany, and Turkey, etc.
  4. A seven days catch up service (no other streaming platform have this, at this time)
  5. Service of up to 3000 VOD (in future, it’s expected to reach 4500)
  6. Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for channels
  7. Simultaneous support for two devices
  8. Red Button Function
  9. Pay Per View (PPV) events inclusive

Need we list down more?

How can I avail the Insight IPTV service?

If it’s the best and most affordable streaming service that you are on the lookout for this year, then you should look further than Insight IPTV. For more Information on Insight IPTV plans, refer to the link below.

To wrap it up

So what are you waiting for, Christmas? Get ready to experience the awesome TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere. Subscribe to any of IPTV packages coupled with Ivacy VPN and unlock the world of streaming freedom, like never before!

PS: New users can avail a staggering New Year discount of 15% with code: ivacy2019 on the checkout page if they subscribe now. Hurry! The offer stands valid for a limited time.

Get Ivacy Now
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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/01/17

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 17, 2019

— fishy deaf births

Is it a fishy story? There was a story of two
CODA women wanting to have children. They found a
donor; the first born child was deaf. The second
born child was also deaf. Fishy or not fishy?
Or genetics skipping a generation?


— issue with deaf children used as interpreters

Is it child abuse if young deaf children are being
used as interpreters? This is an issue going on in
Great Britain. Years ago DeafDigest editor ordered
a burger and fries from a fast food place. The
sandwich maker said something that was very
unlipreadable. He was not willing to write it
down on paper or to point to something. He actually
was asking:

do you want ketchup?

A CODA child was in the group with DeafDigest
editor and she simply interpreted – you want ketchup
or not?

Child abuse???????


— Sign Language Bibles

There was a story today that said:

No sign language has a full Bible translation

Doesn’t matter what religion it is, the deaf do not
have these full sign language Bible translations.



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How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire TV Stick

When not loaded, a Firestick may look like an ordinary device. But when you install Kodi on Firestick, you literally unlock a universe of content from all around the world. So you not only get to watch your favorite TV shows and movies but also stream live sports and events.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to download Kodi app on your Firestick and install it without breaking a sweat! So read on.

How to Download Kodi On Firestick

Before you begin, go to Settings>Device>Developer Options and turn “ON” ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources. Then you must download and install ES File Explorer so you can install Kodi on Firestick device. Here’s what you need to do:

Install ES File Explorer on Firestick

Install ES File Explorer On FireStick

To download Kodi on Amazon Firestick you need ES File Explorer app. To do that, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Fire TV, choose Settings then System and finally, Developer Options.
  2. Make sure to turn on Allow apps from unknown sources.
  3. In the main menu of Amazon Fire Stick, click on the Search box.
  4. In the box therein type ES Explorer.
  5. Now choose ES Explorer app icon for downloading and install it.
  6. Initiate the ES Explorer app

That’s it! You have successfully completed the first step to get Kodi on Firestick. Now you must put Kodi on Firestick using the ES Explorer app that you just downloaded and installed. Here’s what you need to do to get Kodi for Firestick.

Note: Buy VPN from Ivacy to Surf Internet Anonymously and Unblock Your Favorite Websites With Ease.

How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire Stick Using Downloader

using kodi on fire stick

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Access your Fire TV, go to Settings then Device and Developer Options.
  2. Make sure to Allow apps from Unknown Sources
  3. Now head to the Amazon Fire Stick main menu, select Search.
  4. In the box type Downloader.
  5. Choose the Downloader app icon to initiate download the installation will start.
  6. Downloader app.
  7. In the Downloader app main menu, enter the desired URL:
  8. Hit ‘Go’.
  9. The concerned installation file will now start downloading.
  10. In the meantime, Kodi app download will be in progress and once completed, select install to get it set up on Amazon Fire TV.
  11. Voila, you can open the Kodi app on your FireStick!

After you are done installing Kodi on Fire TV Stick, simply return to the home screen and scroll down to Your Apps  & Games. You will find the Kodi icon on the list. Click on the icon to launch Kodi on FireTV Stick.

How To Install Kodi On Firestick With PC

With our assistance, you can even setup Kodi on Fire Stick device with PC. All you have to do is follow these quick and simple steps:

How To Install Kodi On Firestick Using Windows

If you have a Windows PC then this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings>System>Developer Options and enable Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging
  2. Return to home screen and go to Settings>System>About to note down your IP Adress
  3. Now download Adblink for Windows from
  4. Download ARM APK file from
  5. Launch Adblink and click on New button
  6. In the Description field, type in a random name for your reference
  7. In the Address field, enter the IP of your FireTV
  8. Click Save and then Connect
  9. You will now be able to see your FireTV IP address in Connected Devices
  10. Click the Install APK button and then select Kodi APK
  11. Click Open, then Confirm
  12. Now go to Apps to locate the Kodi app

How To Install Kodi On Firestick Using Mac

If you have a Mac then here’s how you can install Kodi on Firestick using Mac:

  1. On your Firestick, go to Settings>System>Developer Options and enable Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging.
  2. Return to System>About>Network and note down your IP address (you will need it later).
  3. Go to the Download AdbLink for OS X page and click on the Begin Download button.
  4. Go to and download the ARM file under Android icon.
  5. Now launch AdbLink on your Mac and click the New button.
  6. In the Description box, enter FireStick.
  7. In the Address box, enter the IP address of your FireStick.
  8. Press Save
  9. Under Current Device, choose FireStick
  10. Press Connect. (You will now see FireStick under Current Devices)
  11. Click the Install APK button.
  12. Navigate to Kodi APK installation file you just downloaded.
  13. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes to allow adbLink to install Kodi on FireTV Stick.

Once you have Setup Kodi on FireStick, simply go to Home>Apps>Kodi to launch Kodi on your Fire TV Stick device. Do remember though that you will still need to install the Best Kodi Live TV Addons to be able to stream your favorite content using Kodi on Fire TV Stick.

How To Use Kodi On Firestick

How To Use Kodi On Firestick

Once you’re done installing Kodi on the said device,  (Fire TV Stick) it’s time to load the firestick with the best kodi addons. You can choose from a wide range of firestick addons depending on why you’re using Kodi over Fire TV Stick. Here is a list of the best Kodi addons in different categories:




  • Phoenix
  • USTV Now
  • Navi-X
  • Vdubt25
  • Stream Engine
  • SportsDevil
  • BBC iPlayer
  • cCloud TV
  • Sanctuary
  • Pro Sport
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Rave Player
  • Studio Beats
  • House Mixes

How To Update Kodi On Firestick

It is important to update Kodi over the said device with the latest version to be able to download the best addons. Luckily, updating Kodi over Fire TV Stick is a quick and simple task. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. On your Fire TV, go to Settings>System>Developer Options and enable Apps from unknown sources.
  2. Return to the home screen and click on Search.
  3. Enter “Downloader” in the search bar and hit the Install button to install it on FireTV
  4. In the box, add URL and hit the Download button.
  5. Click Install at bottom of screen to update Kodi on FireTV.

That’s about it! You have successfully managed to update Kodi over your Fire TV Stick and you can now enjoy “Amazon fire stick with Kodi” combo. Needless to say, so you now install the latest Kodi addons on your FireStick without any hassle and stream your favorite content right on your FireTV.
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UFC Fight Night Live Stream: How To Watch Cejudo vs. Dillashaw Online

The fans are always excited to watch UFC Fight Night live stream since UFC tends to offer these fights every weekend. Many UFC champions participate in Fight Night events so that they can exhibit their fighting prowess, as well as fans, can watch the best in action!

However, the issues that most people face is that UFC Fight Night streams are blocked in different regions. And the channels which broadcast the matches ask for a paid subscription.

Worry not, we have just the solution for you.

How to watch Cejudo vs. Dillashaw – Fight Night live stream

The main match will be held between Henry Cejudo (c) v TJ Dillashaw at UFC Fight Night 143 and they both will be looking to lock horns on January 19th in Barclays Center, Brooklyn.

It will be BT Sport (UK) and Fox Sport 1 (USA) broadcasting the event. The sad part for users is that both the channels are geo-restricted. Not all of us can be present in Germany now to experience the action since it’s not practically feasible. On top of that, fans and viewers alike have to deal with online limitations.

Without further ado, let’s look at the steps to stream the match online:

  1. Register and download Ivacy VPN for your preferred device
  2. Subsequently, connect to either UK server to access BT Sport or US server to stream it on Fox Sport 1
  3. In your device’s browser visit or
  4. Voila! You’re all set to enjoy the fight between Cejudo and Dillashaw!

How to watch UFC Fight Night on Sling TV

The popularity of MMA is never-ending. And if you are running out of options to watch the live stream of UFC Fight Night, you have come to the right place. You can now watch without having to subscribe to the cable bundle or package.

What is the alternative you wonder?

It is Sling TV which was launched in 2015. A streaming service for all the cord cutters out there as they will be able to watch the Fight Night PPV in only USD 20 a month and that is just the basic plan. This includes a subscription to over 20 channels which you can use to live stream content such as UFC Fight Night.

One of the subscription plans is called FS1 live stream and it has access to some of the regional FOX broadcasts. The package has a free 7-day trial which is a great way to use it for live stream UFC fights such as Fight Night. Also, this way you can test Sling TV, whether or not you wish to continue with its paid subscriptions.

UFC Fight Pass for Watching UFC Fight Night

UFC has its own streaming service known as UFC Fight Pass. It is another great way of watching UFC Fight Night online. With Fight Pass you don’t have to bother as to which channel is broadcasting the fight because you will always have the access to whenever the Fight Night event is on!

Although, you don’t exactly get access to PPV fights, at least as a user, you can get access to live prelims for each and every UFC Fight Night. UFC Fight Pass also contains a library of on-demand UFC fights. So there’s that for you. To feed your guilty pleasure by re-watching all the top matches.

The streaming service offers 7-day free trial or should you find it necessary you can opt for the Fight Pass at $9.99 on a monthly basis, $8.99 for 6 months or an annual subscription at $7.99 a month.

How to Watch UFC Fight Night Online With a VPN

As explained earlier, since watching UFC Fight Night is geo-blocked in certain regions as well as using illegal means to watch UFC fights or any other content for that matter, is punishable by law. You may be served a DMCA notice by the authorities.

Therefore, in order to avoid surveillance by government bodies and to be among the company of those who believe in internet freedom, use a VPN service such as Ivacy in order to prevent all of these issues. A VPN will mask your IP address and will keep your anonymity intact so you can stream UFC Fight Night online in peace.

How to watch UFC Fight Night on Mac

For our Mac users, they can follow the below steps for viewing UFC Fight Night:

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN
  2. Download and install the VPN service on your Mac
  3. Open the app and connect to UK or US server by hitting the “Connect” button
  4. Now visit your Safari browser and choose BT Sport and/ or Fox Sport 1, respectively
  5. You are now all set to view UFC Fight Night live on your Mac

How to watch UFC Fight Night on PS4

In order to view UFC Fight Night on PS4, follow these steps:

  1. Register for Ivacy VPN
  2. Configure the VPN service on PS4 through the router and select either US or UK server (as per choice)
  3. Now connect the PS4 to your router
  4. In the browser therein choose BT Sport or Fox Sport 1
  5. And this way you can view UFC Fight Night live stream on PS4

How to watch UFC Fight Night on PS4 with PlayStation Vue

Similar to Sling TV and UFC Fight Pass above, PlayStation Vue is another option for you to watch the UFC fights. Relatively expensive because it is billed at $29.99 per month. At this price, you get over 50 channels such as ESPN, CNN, AMC, Comedy Central among others.

So you can view UFC Fight Night anytime with PlayStation Vue. No matter if you miss out on the stream that day, you can always watch it later. You can stream it on different devices such as iOS, Chromecast, and Amazon Firestick as well.

How to watch UFC Fight Night on Apple TV, Xbox, and Android

  1. First of all, you need to sign up to Ivacy VPN
  2. Then connect to your preferred server (UK or US)
  3. Open the respective browser (Safari in Apple TV, Internet Browser in Xbox, and Android’s own browser)
  4. On the day of the UFC Fight Night live stream visit BT Sports website for UK or Fox Sport 1 for the USA
  5. Enjoy!

Channels Broadcasting UFC Fight Night

You can also watch the UFC Fight Night live stream on the following channels (other than BT Sport and Fox Sport 1):

  1. UFC Fight Pass (Japan and Korea)
  2. OSN (Middle East)
  3. Viaplay (Sweden and Denmark)
  4. Fox Sports (Australia)
  5. Fight Network (Canada)

UFC Fight Night Schedule

The latest UFC Fight Night 143 schedule consists of the following matches.

Final word

So what are you waiting for!? Go tune in and catch the UFC Fight Night live stream action as it unfolds and bid farewell to geo-restrictions and streaming hassles.

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How to Watch Australian Open Tennis 2019 live for Free

The Australian Open Tennis Championship – the first Grand Slam of the year 2019 is already on its way.

When is the Australian Open?

From Jan 15 – 28, tennis lovers will flock to Melbourne Park to watch their favorite tennis players in action.

Rather than going to the main arena, there are millions of people who would prefer watching the event online, right at their home. Of course, watching this mega event online will be a visual treat for many a lawn tennis lovers. But the big question remains: How to watch Australian Open tennis live online? Well read along and find out the answer for yourself.

Watch Australian Open Tennis 2019 live for Free

If you reside in Australia, you can enjoy watching the Australian Open live for free without paying a single penny. All you need to do is to access 7Tennis from your preferred device. Once there, you can easily stream the action from Melbourne for free.

But there are some requirements that you must abide by. In order to watch the Grand Slam of the Asia Pacific live for free you must be:

  • Residing in Australia.
  • At least 15  years old. Otherwise, you must have parents’ permission to watch the tournament live on 7Tennis website.
  • Using a supported device on which you can live stream Australian Open for free, with a minimum internet speed of 3 Mbps or more.
  • You may also be asked to submit a 4-digit postal code. You can just submit any Australian postal code, 3000 for instance, and start streaming. 

Stream Australian Open Tennis 2019 live Anywhere

7Tennis is region-locked, hence it only caters to local audiences and is blocked outside Australia. However, you can overcome this problem without breaking a sweat.

To watch the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year live with complete anonymity and online security, you will need to use Ivacy – the fastest Australia VPN available. All you have to do is setup Ivacy VPN on your device. Here’s what you need to do watch Australian Open from anywhere:

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN account with a username and password of your choice
  2. Install Ivacy VPN app on your preferred device or system
  3. Select “Australia” as your server location
  4. Once you are connected. Visit 7Tennis on your browser
  5. Enter any Australian postal code, 3000 for instance
  6. Live stream all the matches of the first tennis Grand Slam tournament from the comfort of your home

With Ivacy, you can bypass all geo-restrictions and unblock any website to watch the first Grand Slam of the year live. Ivacy not only hides your IP address but also makes you anonymous online, giving you the freedom to watch the tournament without any fear of being traced or tracked online.

Watch Australian Open 2019 live in the UK

For British tennis geeks, Eurosport brings you live coverage of this year’s first Grand Slam. You can also watch the whole tennis Grand Slam tournament on your preferred device by purchasing and downloading the Eurosport Player app.

If you live in a region where you can’t access Eurosport website, you can then use a fast, reliable and affordable VPN – like Ivacy.

Get Ivacy Now

Here’s how you can watch Australian Open live in UK, with a VPN in place.

  1. Get EuroSport annual subscription.
  2. Set up Ivacy VPN app on your desired platform.
  3. Select UK Fastest Server from the smart purpose selection tool to access the Eurosport website.
  4. Hit the Connect button.

There you go! You have successfully configured Ivacy on your device and can now access Eurosport website from any location even if you’re outside the UK and watch all the matches of Australian Open 2019 over the internet.

Note:  If you don’t want to subscribe to Eurosport, you can opt for Ivacy VPN to watch the Grand Slam online for free on 7Tennis. You just need to connect to Ivacy VPN and use an Australian IP address to livestream Australian Open free of cost.

Watch Australian Open Tennis 2019 live on Roku

Roku and Tennis go hand in hand. You can now watch the mega event on Roku device with extreme ease and comfort. The Tennis Channel app is now available for Roku TV and Roku platform.

If you are a dedicated Roku user, you can livestream Australian Open tennis tournament on Roku without any fuss. But for that you must get a Tennis Channel subscription. Once you have subscribed, you need to configure a VPN so that you can enjoy the Australian Open with complete convenience.

Here’s how you can stream Australian Open 2019 on Roku.

  1. Configure Ivacy VPN on Roku via your router.
  2. Navigate to the Sports tab and click on Tennis Channel.
  3. Livestream Australian Open tournament with ease.

Watch Australian Open Tennis 2019 live on Android

Keeping in focus the increasing number of android users, Tennis TV has launched an exclusive android app for Tennis lovers. Using an android VPN app will keep you safe from online hackers.

If you are a tennis geek, you can use the Tennis TV app to watch tennis events live on your smartphone with ease.

To watch Australian Open on Android phone, you must:

  1. Configure Ivacy VPN app for Android phones.
  2. Download Tennis TV app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store.
  3. Watch Australian Open 2019 matches live.
  4. Alternatively, you can visit after logging in from Ivacy’s Australian server to stream the game on any of your Android’s browser.

Watch Australian Open Tennis 2019 live on iOS

If you are a die hard iOS smartphone user, you can watch your favorite tennis players in action right on your beloved iOS smartphone. To make your iOS smartphone safe, you must use a VPN though.

Follow this three-step procedure and you are good to watch all the matches of Australian Open 2019 tournament right on your iOS smartphone.

  1. Configure Ivacy VPN app on your iOS device
  2. Download Tennis TV app for iOS smartphone from iTunes
  3. Livestream the tournament with ease henceforth
  4. Alternatively, you can visit after logging in from Ivacy’s Australian server to stream the game on your iOS’ Safari browser.

Stream Australian Open Tennis 2019 live on Apple TV

There is an exclusive Tennis TV Everywhere app for Apple TV users. If you want to watch Tennis matches on your Apple TV, you must first opt for a Tennis TV subscription.

The Tennis TV Everywhere is a premium Tennis watching app which gives you the ultimate luxury to live stream all tennis matches and also watch highlights of some recently concluded matches.

To enjoy flawless live streaming of the first  Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year, you must first configure Ivacy VPN on your Apple TV via a router.

Here’s how you can watch the tournament live on Apple TV.

  1. Configure Ivacy VPN on Apple TV via your router.
  2. Subscribe to Tennis TV Everywhere premium app for Apple TV.
  3. Click on the Tennis TV icon on Apple TV sets.
  4. Enjoy watching Australian Open Tennis tournament 2019 with ease.

Watch Australian Open 2019 live on Xbox

You can now watch your favorite tennis stars in action on your Xbox with the utmost convenience. To do this, you must first subscribe for Xbox Live Gold service. Although there is a Xbox Live Free service available, it restricts your access to web content.

One of the most sought-after IPTV and video-on-demand streaming services, Xbox Live gives you the most exciting experience of watching Australian Open matches on Xbox right from your home.

Xbox Live is compatible with the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 devices. Do note that not all programs are available on Xbox Live due to regional restrictions. To overcome these restrictions, you must use a user-friendly and affordable Ivacy VPN.

Here’s how you can watch Australian Open Tennis matches on your XBOX devices.

  1. Subscribe for XBOX Live service account.
  2. Set up Ivacy VPN app on Xbox device via your router.
  3. Go to 7Tennis’ Homepage through your Microsoft Edge browser to watch Australian Open Tennis 2019 tournament.
  4. Enjoy the live streaming experience.

Australian Open Tennis 2019 Schedule

Below is the entire schedule of Australian Open Tennis 2019.


Broadcasting Channels for the Australian Open Tennis

The Australian Open Tennis tournament is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Many tennis geeks just want to watch their favorite players win glorious prize at the end.

Keeping in view the interest of the people, a number of online channels will broadcast the tournament live in different regions of the world.

Seven Network is the official broadcaster of the event. People living in other countries, especially in the UK and USA will definitely find it hard to watch Australian Open tennis tournament live online. This is where a fast, reliable and an affordable Ivacy VPN comes in very handy.

With a VPN, you can easily unblock any website by using an Australian IP address. The pseudo IP address will make the Australian ISPs realize that you are apparently watching the first major tennis tournament online while in Australia.

Well, check out the list of channels below:

Country Online Broadcasting Channel
Australia Seven Network
United States of America ESPN, Tennis Channel
Canada TSN, RDS
United Kingdom EuroSport (Live), BBC 1, BBC 2 (Highlights only)
Germany Sport1
Africa Supersport
India Ten Sports, Star Sports
Global Coverage ESPN International

Most of these online channels will only cater to the local netizens, due to geographical restrictions. The good news is that you can unblock any of the online channels with Ivacy VPN and stream live events online with total internet freedom.

Who is going to win the Australian Open Tennis tournament and start the New Year on a winning note?

We can only wait and watch.

Get Ivacy Now
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#10YearChallenge – Then And Now Challenge, A Harmless Meme Or More?

As a social media user, you may have come across the trend; then and now pictures with hashtag #10YearChallenge. However, a tweet from Kate O’ Neill (founder of KO Insights and author of Tech Humanist) may have fueled a certain debate. Can the data be used for age recognition and training of facial recognition software?

This maybe far-fetched but not a complete distant theory. Data mining is nothing new and especially with Facebook, but could it really be?!

Are The Photos Already On Facebook

It’s not that these pictures are NOT already available on Facebook. Moreover, these pictures have time stamps of when they were uploaded and are for the most part publicly accessible.

So what’s the fuss is all about Kate? Why have your tweet attrach so much traction? Well, let us explain.

Firstly, the pictures uploaded are not necessarily (always) in a chronological order and neither does it establish when exactly this picture was taken. It could have been uploaded last year but was actually taken in 2016. But with the latest trend, people are starting to share pictures with helpful info such as “me in 2008 and me today” or “me in 2008 and me in 2018”.

Even stating where and how the picture was taken, for example, “2008 in University of Swinburne, picture credits: Joe vs 2018 visiting New Jersey for Beck’s wedding” and the likes thereof.

People Willingly Hand Out Data

Now under the pretext of this innocent appearing meme, people are willingly giving out data. On the other hand, Facebook quickly jumped in saying that meme/trend is rather a user generated phenomenon. Of course, Mark, we beleive you!

Although, Facebook claims that they have nothing to gain from it. Interestingly enough, the photos used in the meme are the ones that are already uploaded on Facebook. Does that remind you of anything? Cambridge Analytica, anyone?

So what if someone were to use your Facebook photos to train facial and age recognition software. There can three scenarios in this.

The Three Scenarios

Firstly, if a facial recognition algorithm were to be trained, it can help police track down missing kids (just an example).

Another scenario would be where age recognition comes in to play and help companies develop targeted ads tailored to that age-group or demographic. This will inadvertently improve advertising but will make the use of data questionable, in the long run. What if it is sold to third parties. Amazon certainly did when they introduced facial recognition service, back in 2016.

It was sold to government agencies and law enforcement – all in the name of making world a better place. Nevertheless, constitutes to breach of privacy.

Lastly, age recongnition can lead to insurance assessment in the future. If you tend to age rapidly compared to other people or are showing signs of ill-health, actuaries can deny you insurance because your health does not lie within acceptable insurance risk bracket.

The Way Forward

So whether data is in the form of a harmless meme, or otherwise, probability of privacy leaks remain high. The post is not meant for you to lose all hope in the future instead it is intended as a wake-up call. Ideally, users are advised to stay vigilant while they engage in online activities.

Nothing beats vigilance and some common sense. Trends have a way of making people get carried away. Still, you can exercise care by keeping strong passwords, using two-factor authentication (2FA) and VPN such as Ivacy to double your security measures online.
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Watch Line TV Online with Ease

Line TV, a video service built within a messaging app, allows users to catch up on their favorite movies, TV shows and music to their heart’s content. Line TV was launched by South Korea’s search engine, NAVER, and its primary goal is to serve as the ultimate content platform for users in Taiwan and Thailand. If you want to access this app, but are unable to do so due to geo-restrictions, you will be pleased to know you can watch Line TV online by following this guide.

Frustrated with having to deal with geo-restrictions? Get Ivacy VPN to fix this problem for good!

Download the Line TV App

To stream content on Line TV, you will need to download and install the app first and foremost. To do so, click on the respective app store: Google Play or iTunes.

If you want to watch Line TV online, on your browser, you will not be able to do so unless you create an account from the app itself. Only once you have created an account can you enjoy streaming `Line TV online.

As mentioned earlier, the app’s target audience includes users from Taiwan and Thailand, so chances are you will run into geo-restrictions. What are geo-restrictions? These are measures set in place to make sure users from other regions are unable to access content from a specific region. The reasons for doing so can vary, but it mostly has to do with copyright issues.

To bypass geo-restrictions of any kind, you will need to use a VPN. But not just any VPN will do, as you will need a reliable one, like Ivacy VPN. So here is what you need to do:

  1. Get an Ivacy VPN subscription
  2. Download and install the app on your respective device
  3. Connect to a VPN server in Thailand or Taiwan
  4. Enjoy Line TV online and its app’s offerings

Stream/Watch Line TV Online Live without Cable

To watch Line TV online without cable, you will need to visit the official website. But as mentioned earlier, you will need to sign up within the app to access the official website on any browser. If you do not reside in Thailand or Taiwan, make sure you are connected to a VPN server to have a seamless streaming experience.

You could get a DMCA notice, to prevent this get Ivacy VPN to stay anonymous.

Watch Line TV on Kodi

If you were hoping to stream Line TV on Kodi, unfortunately, you will not be able to do so as there isn’t a dedicated Kodi add-on for Line TV. Unlike most popular streaming websites, there has not been enough demand for Line TV on Kodi. So, if you want to access Line TV, you will have either have to download the app or access their website.

Access Popular Line TV Content

Line TV O Negative

  1. Access Ivacy VPN
  2. Connect to a VPN server in Taiwan or Thailand, hit “ Connect”
  3. Go to and enjoy the show!
Tired of ISP throttling? Get Ivacy VPN for unbelievable speeds online!

Line TV Oh Baby

  1. Access Ivacy VPN
  2. Connect to a VPN server in Taiwan or Thailand, hit “ Connect”
  3. Go to and enjoy the show!

Line TV Diary of Tootsies

  1. Access Ivacy VPN
  2. Connect to a VPN server in Taiwan or Thailand, hit “ Connect”
  3. Go to and enjoy the show!

Hopefully, this blog has given you all the information you will need to watch Line TV online, regardless of your location. From now on, you can watch your favorite Taiwan and Thailand specific content at your convenience.

For all your streaming needs and requirements, Line TV or not, Ivacy VPN is the only choice for seamless streaming, superior security, and unparalleled anonymity through and through.

Get Ivacy Now

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Your Guide to TV Shows & Streaming This January

With a new year comes a new season of exciting television as networks and streaming services gear up to debut a highly anticipated lineup of original content. 

As more and more people turn to Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and others for streaming content, the variety of entertainment options for viewers have become almost numerous. And thanks to the power of streaming, we truly do live in a globalized world where even regional shows and events can be watched by people from almost anywhere. A reliable VPN makes all the difference when it comes to accessing content from other countries, and VyprVPN is on top of its game when it comes to providing users fast streaming so that you’ll never have to worry about being blocked from watching or downloading your favorite shows from this new television season. 

Curious about when exactly your favorite shows will return to streaming? Check out VyprVPN’s calendar below to find out tv and streaming premiere dates. 


Tuesday, Jan. 1
A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 3 (2019) Netflix
COMEDIANS of the world: Season 1, Netflix
Pinky Malinky: Season 1 (2019) Netflix
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: Season 1 (2019)Netflix
365 Days of Love Letters: Season 1 (2019) Facebook Watch
The Gifted: Season 2 (2018) 8 p.m., Fox (winter premiere)
Doctor Who: Resolution (2019 New Year’s Special) (2019) 8 p.m., BBC America
My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Season 5 (2018) 8 p.m., TLC
Lethal Weapon: Season 3 (2018) 9 p.m., Fox (winter premiere)
I Am Jazz: Season 5 (2019) 10 p.m., TLC 



Wednesday, Jan. 2
Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back: Season 2 (2019) 8 p.m., Fox
grown-ish: Season 2 (2019) 8 p.m., Freeform
My 600-lb Life: Season 7, 8 p.m., TLC
The Masked Singer: Season 1 (2019) 9 p.m., Fox
SEAL Team: Season 2 (2018)  9 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
Project Runway All Stars: Season 7 (2019) 9 p.m., Lifetime
Criminal Minds: Season 14 (2018)  9 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
American Beauty Star: Season 2 (2019) 10 p.m., Lifetime
Family By the Ton: Season 2, 10 p.m., TLC 



Thursday, Jan. 3
Gotham: Season 5 (2018)  8 p.m., Fox
The Big Bang Theory: Season 12 (2018)  8 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
The Titan Games: Season 1 (2019) 8 p.m., NBC
The Orville: Season 2 (2018)  9 p.m., Fox (time period premiere)
Young Sheldon: Season 2 (2018)  9 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
Surviving R. Kelly: Miniseries (2019) 9 p.m., Lifetime
Dr. Pimple Popper: Season 2 (2019) 9 p.m., TLC
The Blacklist: Season 6 (2018) 10 p.m., NBC
Music City: Season 2 (2019)  10 p.m., CMT
Travel Man: Season 1, 10 p.m., Ovation 



Friday, Jan. 4
And Breathe Normally (2018) Netflix
Call My Agent!: Season 3 (2019) Netflix
El Potro: Unstoppable, Netflix
Lionheart (2018) Netflix
Young Justice: Outsiders (2019) DC Universe
Fresh Off the Boat: Season 5 (2018) 8 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
Last Man Standing: Season 7 (2018) 8 p.m., Fox (winter premiere)
MacGyver: Season 3 (2018) 8 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
Speechless: Season 3 (2018) 8:30 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
The Cool Kids: Season 1 (2018) 8:30 p.m., Fox (winter premiere)
20/20, 9 p.m., ABC (time slot premiere)
The Blacklist: Season 6 (2018) 9 p.m., NBC (time period premiere)
Hawaii Five-0: Season 9 (2018)  9 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
Blue Bloods: Season 9 (2018)  10 p.m., CBS (winter premiere) 



Saturday, Jan. 5
Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy: Season 1 (2019) 9 a.m., Discovery Family Channel
Say Yes to the Dress, 8 p.m., TLC
Say Yes to the Nest, 10 p.m., TLC 

Sunday, Jan. 6
Golden Globes: 76th Golden Globe Awards (2019) NBC
E! Live from the Red Carpet: The 2019 Golden Globe Awards, 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, E!
America’s Funniest Home Videos: Season 29 (2018) 7 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
God Friended Me: Season 1 (2018) 8 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
The Simpsons: Season 30 (2018) 8 p.m., Fox (winter premiere)
Air Disasters: Season 11 (2018) 8 p.m., Smithsonian Channel (winter premiere)
Bob’s Burgers: Season 9 (2018) 8:30 p.m., Fox (winter premiere)
Family Guy: Season 17 (2018)  9 p.m., Fox (winter premiere)
NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 10 (2018)  9 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
Shark Tank: Season 10 (2018)   9 p.m., ABC (time period premiere)
Eight Days That Made Rome: Season 1 (2017) 9 p.m., Smithsonian Channel
Madam Secretary: Season 5 (2018)  10 p.m., CBS (winter premiere) 


Monday, Jan. 7
No Offence: Season 3 (2018) Acorn TV
America’s Got Talent: The Champions, 8 p.m., NBC
The Bachelor: Season 23 (2019) 8 p.m., ABC
Manifest: Season 1 (2018) 10 p.m., NBC (winter premiere) 

Tuesday, Jan. 8
Variety Studio: Actors on Actors: Season 9 (2019) 7 p.m., PBS
Ellen’s Game of Games: Season 2, 8 p.m., NBC
Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: Season 1 (2019) 8 p.m., MTV
Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.: Season 5 (2019) 8 p.m., PBS
The Conners: Season 1 (2018) 8 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
NCIS: Season 16 (2018) 8 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
Good Trouble: Season 1 (2019) 8 p.m., Freeform
The Kids Are Alright: Season 1 (2018) 8:30 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
black-ish: Season 5 (2018) 9 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
FBI: Season 1 (2018) 9 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
The Haves and the Have Nots: Season 6, 9 p.m., OWN
Splitting Up Together: Season 2 (2018) 9:30 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
Project Blue Book: Season 1 (2019) 10 p.m., History
Legend Hunter: Season 1, 10 p.m., Travel Channel
The Rookie: Season 1 (2018) 10 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
NCIS: New Orleans: Season 5 (2018) 10 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
New Amsterdam: Season 1 (2018) 10 p.m., NBC (winter premiere) 

Wednesday, Jan. 9
GODZILLA the Planet Eater: Season 1, Netflix
The Goldbergs: Season 6 (2018) 8 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
Chicago Med: Season 4 (2018) 8 p.m., NBC (winter premiere)
Schooled: Season 1 (2018) 8:30 p.m., ABC
Modern Family: Season 10 (2018) 9 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
Chicago Fire: Season 7 (2018) 9 p.m., NBC (winter premiere)
Single Parents: Season 1 (2018) 9:30 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
Match Game: Season 4 (2019) 10 p.m., ABC
You’re the Worst: Season 5 (2019)  100% 10 p.m., FXX
Chicago P.D.: Season 6 (2018) 10 p.m., NBC (winter premiere)
The Dictator’s Playbook: Miniseries (2019) 10 p.m., PBS
I’m Sorry: Season 2 (2018) 10 p.m., truTV
Jon Glaser Loves Gear: Season 2 (2018) 10:30 p.m., truTV


Thursday, Jan. 10
When Heroes Fly: Season 1, Netflix
Growing Up Hip Hop: Season 4, 8 p.m., WE tv
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 7 (2018) 9 p.m., NBC
Mom: Season 6 (2018) 9 p.m., CBS (winter premiere)
The First 48 Presents: Homicide Squad Atlanta: Season 1 (2018) 9 p.m., A&E
The Good Place: Season 3 (2018) 9:30 p.m., NBC (winter premiere, through Jan. 24)
FAM: Season 1 (2018) 9:30 p.m., CBS
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season 20 (2018) 10 p.m., NBC (winter premiere)
Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, 10 p.m., WE tv 

Friday, Jan. 11
Future Man: Season 2 (2019) Hulu
Informer: Season 1 (2018) Amazon
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle: Season 2 (2019)   Amazon
Friends From College: Season 2 (2018) Netflix
ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium, Netflix
Sex Education: Season 1 (2019) Netflix
Solo, Netflix
The Last Laugh, Netflix
Blindspot: Season 4 (2018) 8 p.m., NBC (winter premiere)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 4 (2018) 9 p.m., The CW (winter premiere) 



Sunday, Jan. 13
24th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards, 7 p.m., The CW
Three’s Complicated, 7 p.m., TV One
True Detective : Season 3 (2019) 9 p.m., HBO
Valley of the Boom: Miniseries (2018)  9 p.m., Nat Geo
Dead By Dawn, 9 p.m., Nat Geo Wild
Victoria: Season 3 (2019) 9 p.m., PBS
American Style: Season 1 (2019) 9 p.m., CNN
Disasters at Sea: Season 1 (2019) 9 p.m., Smithsonian Channel 

Monday, Jan. 14
The Resident: Season 2 (2018) 8 p.m., Fox (winter premiere)
Dirty John, The Dirty Truth, 8 p.m., Oxygen
The Passage: Season 1 (2019) 9 p.m., Fox
Home Town: Season 3, 9 p.m., HGTV
Those Who Can’t: Season 3 (2017) 10 p.m., truTV
Lost Gold: Season 1, 10 p.m., Travel Channel 
Tuesday, Jan. 15
The Flash: Season 5 (2018)   8 p.m., The CW (winter premiere)
Roswell, New Mexico: Season 1 (2019) 9 p.m., The CW
This Is Us: Season 3 (2018) 9 p.m., NBC (winter premiere)
Bird v. Plane: Miracle on the Hudson, 9 p.m., Smithsonian Channel
Temptation Island: Season 1 (2019) 10 p.m., USA
Drunk History: Season 6, Comedy Central 

Wednesday, Jan. 16
Wayne: Season 1 (2018) YouTube Premium
Riverdale: Season 3 (2018)   8 p.m., The CW (winter premiere)
All American: Season 1 (2018)  91% 9 p.m., The CW (winter premiere)
Deadly Class: Season 1 (2019)  40% 10 p.m., Syfy
Schitt’s Creek: Season 5 (2019) 10 p.m., Pop 

Thursday, Jan. 17
A Discovery of Witches: Season 1 (2019) Sundance Now
Star Trek: Discovery: Season 2 (2019) CBS All Access
Supernatural: Season 14 (2018) 8 p.m., The CW (winter premiere)
Grey’s Anatomy: Season 15 (2018) 8 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
A Million Little Things: Season 1 (2018) 9 p.m., ABC (time slot premiere)
How to Get Away With Murder: Season 5 (2018) 10 p.m., ABC (winter premiere)
Backyard Envy, 10 p.m., Bravo 



Friday, Jan. 18
Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 (2019) Netflix
The Grand Tour: Season 3 (2019) Amazon
Trigger Warning With Killer Mike: Season 1, Netflix
Carmen Sandiego: Season 1 (2019) Netflix
Close, Netflix
FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix
Girl (2018) Netflix
Grace and Frankie: Season 5 (2019) Netflix
IO, Netflix
Soni (2018) Netflix
The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes: Season 2, Netflix
Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 5, Netflix
Gigantosaurus: Season 1, 9 a.m., Disney Channel
Dynasty: Season 2 (2018)  8 p.m., The CW (winter premiere)
WOW — Women of Wrestling, 9 p.m., AXS TV
Howie Mandel Presents Howie Mandel at the Howie Mandel Comedy Club, 10 p.m., Showtime 

Saturday, Jan. 19
Brexit (2019) 9 p.m., HBO
Dynasties: Season 1 (2018) 9 p.m., BBC America 

Sunday, Jan. 20
Supergirl: Season 4 (2018) 8 p.m., The CW (winter premiere)
Sister Wives: Season 8, 8 p.m., TLC
Charmed: Season 1 (2018) 9 p.m., The CW (winter premiere)
Shameless: Season 9 (2018) 9 p.m., Showtime
Crashing: Season 3 (2018) 10 p.m., HBO
Black Monday: Season 1 (2019) 10 p.m., Showtime
Seeking Sister Wife: Season 2, 10 p.m., TLC
High Maintenance: Season 3 (2019) 10:30 p.m., HBO
SMILF: Season 2 (2018) 10:30 p.m., Showtime 



Monday, Jan. 21
Justice: Season 1, Netflix
Arrow: Season 7 (2018) 8 p.m., The CW (winter premiere)
Big Brother: Celebrity Edition: Season 2 (2019) 8 p.m., CBS
Black Lightning: Season 2 (2018) 9 p.m., The CW (time slot premiere)
Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery, 9 p.m., Investigation Discovery 

Wednesday, Jan. 23
The Magicians: Season 4 (2018) 9 p.m., Syfy
Pure: Season 1 (2017)  10 p.m., WGN America
Drop the Mic, 10 p.m., TNT
Snoop Dogg Presents the Joker’s Wild, 10:30 p.m., TNT 

Thursday, Jan. 24
Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes: Season 1, Netflix
Siren: Season 2 (2019) Freeform
Legacies: Season 1 (2018)  80% 8 p.m., The CW (winter premiere)
Broad City: Season 5, 10 p.m. Comedy Central
Kindred Spirits: Season 3, 10 p.m., Travel Channel 

Friday, Jan. 25
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 4 (2018) Netflix (Part 2)
Ánimas (2018) Netflix
Black Earth Rising: Season 1 (2018) Netflix
Club de Cuervos: Season 4, Netflix
Kingdom: Season 1, Netflix
Medici: The Magnificent: Season 1, Netflix
Polar, Netflix
gen:LOCK, Rooster Teeth
Strike Back: Season 6 (2019)  10 p.m., Cinemax 



Sunday, Jan. 27
Rent Live, 7 p.m., Fox
25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, 8 p.m., TBS/TNT
The Circus: Season 4, 8 p.m., Showtime 

Monday, Jan. 28
Agatha Raisin and the Curious Curate, Acorn TV
Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists, 8 p.m., HBO
I Am the Night: Miniseries (2019) 9 p.m., TNT 

Tuesday, Jan. 29
Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: One Show Fits All, Netflix 

Wednesday, Jan. 30
Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television: Season 2 (2018) YouTube Premium 

Thursday, Jan. 31
Will & Grace: Season 10 (2018) 9:30 p.m., NBC (winter premiere) 


Check local listings for any network or cable showtime changes. 











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