DeafDigest Gold – February 17, 2019

DeafDigest Gold – February 17, 2019
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Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, in India,
has trained doctors on how to certify deaf patients
as deaf so that they can be eligible for disability
Connell Crooms, who is deaf, is running for a seat on
the Jacksonville City Council (Florida). A newspaper
story said he only has $3,000 in campaign funds.
meaning he has to carefully watch his money.
Do human sign language experts suppress Chimp
Sign Language, insisting that chimps follow
human sign language rules? Yes, according to
a study conducted in Ireland!
The  Westgate Centre in London will be the
scene of a sign language flash mob that will
do a signed song. This is part of the Deaf
Awareness Week.
One of the honorees of The 2019 Great Ohioan
honors is Dummy Hoy, the famed 19th century
major league baseball player.
This week’s ASL video in youtube
GA ? TC ?
    This is a true story that happened many years ago.
A hearing person was hired to work at a deaf service
    He got his first TTY call, but no one explained to
him what GA or SK meant. He did not know what GA
meant. This new employee thought GA was the abbreviation
of the deaf caller’s name. He then typed the abbreviation
TC as it was his name.
    There was no answer for a long time on the deaf person’s
line and it was then hung up!
    A deaf employee then had to explain to the new hearing
employee what GA and SK meant.
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Unlock the phone with CapTel® Captioned Telephone! CapTel shows
word-for-word captions of everything a caller says over the phone, letting
you read everything that they say. Like captions on TV – for the phone!
Captions are provided at no cost to the user, with no monthly fees or
contracts required. For more information or to order call 1-800-233-9130
For more info about CapTel or any of the many assistive listening devices
we offer,
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
CapTel® Captioned Telephone – See What Everyone is Talking About!
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Alfred Hitchcock was a famous movie director for his
many mystery movies.
    In all of these movies of mystery he emphasized
body language. These actors do not speak but use
body language in some brief scenes.
    He never used deaf actors. He should have, because
deaf actors are great with body language!
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Rene Pellerin’s Corner:
Using public restrooms during my travels.
Currently I am traveling.  Trying to use public restrooms is not an easy
Every bathroom has a different design and the placement of hand drying
products is always a mystery!
Trying to find paper towels or hand dryers is frustrating. By the time I
give up, my hands have air dried!
There is a need to update ADA building codes to put paper towels in same
location in each bathroom!
Anyway, I’ll dry my hands on my SSP clothes from now on!
Rene’s show business started in year 2010 and it focuses on the
You can email him at
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DeafDigest Blue – February 17, 2019

DeafDigest Blue – February 17, 2019
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 23rd year


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Admitted Liar, Tim Eyman, is Accused of Shoplifting

Tim “Biggest lie of my life” Eyman has been accused of shoplifting. It appears he stole a chair, valued at $70, from an Office Depot in Lacey. Have a look for yourself:

Via KOMO News:

When [officers] responded, one of the employees told officers he had noticed an office chair near the entrance was missing, checked surveillance video and saw a man wearing a shirt with the words “Let the voter decide” emblazoned across the front, the police report said.

Surveillance video from the store showed Eyman walking from a service desk where one employee said he was helping him sort out an issue with his printer, the police report said. Eyman then can be seen walking into the foyer, sitting on a displayed office chair, spinning in it and wheeling it out the front door.
The employee said he did not pay for the chair.

Eyman then walked back into the store to exchange a printer for two other ones. An employee helped him out to his vehicle but was stopped just short of it and told by Eyman, “I’ve got it from here,” the report said.

The officers investigating the theft have “forwarded a recommended charge of third-degree theft to the City Attorney.”

Of course, Eyman owes the State a boatload of money after being held in contempt of court following his refusal to turn over court-ordered documents. He is also being sued by WA AG Bob Ferguson for pilfering and misusing initiative campaign funds.

The lawsuit and fines have, apparently, led to a divorce, and to Eyman declaring bankruptcy late last year.

So…I suppose he was just trying to furnish his new bachelor pad?

The list of shading behaviors that Tim Eyman has been accused of and, in some cases, has confessed to is long: lying and stealing donor’s money for his own personal gain, campaign finance violations, misappropriating campaign money, and contempt of court.

Alas, it appears we can add shoplifter to the list.

It’s like the guy is building his resume for a 2024 GOP Presidential nomination.


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Our Commitment to China

The quest for a free and open Internet is a never-ending fight in modern China. The Great Firewall has been tenacious and active against VPN providers in recent months, becoming more aggressive than ever as internal tensions have put the Chinese government on edge about controlling the flow of information into their country. 

It is uncertain if this is the new normal or if the Chinese government’s attacks will level off at any point, but it is evident that the Chinese have invested themselves in developing complex technology aimed at thwarting the ability to connect to the Internet outside of Chinese sanctioned networks. At the moment the Chinese authorities are enjoying some frustrating successes against VPN providers with their dynamic new strategy for obstructing the ability to connect to unauthorized servers. We are determined to combat censorship, we remain true to our mission of providing Chinese citizens with a free and open Internet. 

But to complete our mission successfully, we need to adjust our approach and innovate our technological solutions to equip the Chinese market with the tools to do battle with the new and improved Great Firewall. 

Therefore, we are deploying a team of engineers to develop new technologies designed to defeat the specific censorship challenges posed by the Great Firewall. We are optimistic about the efforts of our engineers and are already experiencing some limited success in restoring connections out of China. We are positive that within a few weeks we will be able to troubleshoot VyprVPN’s connection issues and provide a reliable and stable service to our users in China. 

We will keep the public posted on all of our progress as we regroup, rebuild and advance a new chapter in our mission to keep the Internet free and open. 


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Where are we now with VyprVPN service in China?

The blocking technology and techniques applied by the Chinese Government have evolved and become much more complex than anything we have seen before. We validated that these methods are impacting other VPN providers in the area as well.  

Our conviction in Internet Freedom and commitment to fight against censorship remains strong, but to complete our mission successfully, we need to adjust our approach and look at new technology solutions for the Chinese market. 

We will keep you posted on progress as we regroup, rebuild and focus on our core mission keeping the Internet free and open.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/02/15

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 15, 2019


— more on the lawsuit against cities

Yesterday’s DeafDigest news said that more cities
are shuting down their streaming videos because
of high costs of captions. It was learned today
that over 50 cities on Florida have been slapped
with closed captioning lawsuits – all filed by
one deaf person! DeafDigest is worried that
excessive enforcement of ADA regulations may
come back to haunt us.


— ASL signs dialect hard to understand

There was a newspaper story about accents and dialects
in Philadelphia, which also said sign language can be
difficult to follow. This is correct; several times
in the past DeafDigest editor tried to follow the
sign language conversation by some deaf people in
Philadelphia. Almost impossible to follow. Just
like two deaf people conversing in French Sign
Language that DeafDigest editor observed and
could not understand!


— the hated phrase is “pilot program”

A pilot program is the same thing as a trial
basis – and it is always hated as far as
open captioned movies are concerned. The
Criterion Theatre in Bar Harbor, Maine
is offering open captioned movies as a
pilot program. What this means is when
attendance is low, the program will be
shut down – with this “I told you, open
captions is bad for business” attitude!
Maine is a fairly big state with too
many remote towns. It requires long
distance driving; movie scheduls conflict
with deaf people’s job hours; conflict
with other family plans, etc.


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February 15 Open Thread

It’s pretty awful that we’re going to have a declaration of a national emergency over nothing. And it’s so obviously an impeachable act, but add it to the list of things that he won’t be impeached for.


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Apple’s Response to Saudi App Controversy Indicates a Different Moral Standard for China

In modern Saudi Arabia, an app that has been exploited (and partially designed) for a rather medieval purpose is currently available in the app stores of both Apple and Google. The Absher app is the official app of the Saudi Interior Ministry and is widely used for administrative purposes in Saudi Arabia, where it’s deployed for the sake of valid record keeping in the case of driver’s licenses, immigration documentation, and census numbers, but it is no secret that it is also sanctioned to use as a way to monitor and even to restrict the travel of Saudi women. The app allows for male Saudi “guardians” to access government services and list female “dependents” by name and passport, effectively giving them dominion over whether these women can travel or not. The Saudi Interior Ministry website indicates that there are more than 11 million users of Absher, which in a country of roughly 33 million people would imply that 1 in 3 Saudis are using the app (mostly males).  

Apple CEO Tim Cook has tried to play damage control with the bad optics that revelations about the sale of Absher in the Apple app store has created for his company, stating that Apple will “take a look”, while Google has thus far refused to comment on their sale of the app.   

Meanwhile, U.S Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has not minced words, writing a pointed letter to Tim Cook on the matter and urging Apple to withdraw the app from their stores. In the senator’s letter he stated: “In evaluating whether an app should be allowed, app store providers should be considering the broader context of the purpose of the app, how it is used in practice, and whether it facilitates serious abuses.” Far from being used to know the whereabouts of children past curfew or to monitor senior citizens, the sale of the app by both Apple and Google has garnered outrage from human rights groups who share Senator Wyden’s concerns about the true purpose of such an app. 

What’s additionally disconcerting about the Apple response to this issue is that if they succumb to international pressure to do the right thing and remove the womanizing app, despite it being legal and embraced in Saudi Arabia, they will signal that they operate by a different code of ethics in countries that deeply impact their bottom line than they do in those that do not. 

Because our memories are not so short as to forget how Mr. Cook and Apple responded to pressure from the Chinese government to censor the sale of VPN apps that the communist regime deemed offensive to the state. If Apple’s previously stated business prerogative was to remove VPN apps from Chinese app stores because companies “must respect the laws of country you do business in”, despite the fact many apps were removed without being in violation of any specifically written law, then it seems that they have a rather shapeshifting approach toward whatever standards they’re willing to hold themselves to in order to do business in different countries. 

If the Absher app is deemed legal in Saudi Arabia but Apple decides to remove the app, then Apple is admitting they are a hypocrite. Apple is admitting that the Chinese people’s right to access the Internet is not as important as protecting woman’s rights in Saudi Arabia. By not relying on local laws to determine what is available in their app store, Apple has put itself in a position to behave as the arbiter of what is right and what is wrong or what is in fact a human right and what is not.   

One can’t help but wonder if iPhones were made in Saudi Arabia instead of China how different and immediate the Apple response to the laws of that land may have been. It’s hard not to be cynical with the fact their business ethics seem to be moving targets, because it seems to say loud and clear to us that “we respect the laws of a country (and cave to political pressure) if we build all of our iPhones there”. 

Which means that the ultimate Apple ethos is that the bottom line is prized more highly than whatever their present definition of human rights may be.


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How to Watch the 2019 Oscars

Hollywood’s biggest night is almost upon us as movie stars and famous people parade about in designer gowns and suits on the red carpet outside of the famed Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, California. It’s a true who’s who in the entertainment industry, and everybody who is anybody tries to be in attendance for the publicity and the media attention. 

And the spectacle surrounding everything about the Oscars can be streamed directly into our own living rooms, where from the comfort of home we can sneer or admire Tinseltown’s lavish ceremony and the much-deserved recognition of some of the most praised movies of the past year. 

Recent years have made for dramatic TV, where the winning envelope wasn’t always read correctly. And this year some controversial circumstances have left the entire ceremony without an official host, so the evening promises to be an eventful one where the unexpected can be expected. It truly is one of live television’s most intriguing extravaganzas, so get your popcorn ready. The 91st annual Academy Awards are poised to be memorable, and you won’t want to miss knowing who takes home Oscar gold.

Use VyprVPN for Live Streaming the Oscars Anywhere in the World  

No matter where you are in the world during the 91st annual Academy Awards this Sunday, we recommend that those wishing to stream the ceremony take advantage of a VPN to make sure your streaming avoids any lag time from trying to buffer. Nothing could ruin an Oscar watch party more than missing some of the most critical parts of the Academy Awards because your streaming service was too slow to keep up with the live action as it unfolded. 

With VyprVPN, your Oscar watch party has access to global servers to make sure your connection speed can tap into more than 700 different global streaming servers in more than 70 different countries. And in regions around the world where the Oscar ceremony may be off limits to some viewers, VyprVPN will allow users to bypass location-based censorship so that you can access global media without limitations.  

All you need is access to a smartphone, Smart TV, desktop, laptop, tablet or any other device that can connect to the internet, and VyprVPN can let you live stream every zany and memorable moment of the 91st annual Academy Awards as they happen. 

How to Stream the 91st Annual Academy Awards on Your Device    

ABC has the broadcast rights in the United States for this year’s Oscars. And is offering streaming access via their websites and streaming app. 

To watch:   

  1. Sign up for VyprVPN    
  2. Connect VyprVPN app to a US server location   
  3. Head over to

Although the ABC app is a pay service, it does permit FREE trials. It is possible to use the free trial period to stream the 91st annual Academy Awards.   

ABC App  

To watch:   

  1. Sign up for VyprVPN    
  2. Connect VyprVPN app to a US server location   
  3. Head over to ABC app 

For all the pre-show glitz and glamour before and after the ceremony, audiences across the world can head over to The Oscars: All Access for live streaming of different events surrounding the ceremony as they unfold. 


How to Stream the 91st Annual Academy Awards Around the World  

If you’re based in the UK, Sky TV has exclusive rights to broadcast the Oscars in the United Kingdom. But if you don’t have a Sky TV account, or would prefer streaming the Oscars ceremony in favor of watching it on television, all of Sky’s coverage can be streamed online through Now TV. 

Despite being a pay service, Now TV will allow you to watch the Oscars for free through their free trial.

The Oscars will air February 24 on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET 

Check local listings for wherever you live in the world.




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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/02/14

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 14, 2019

— it has happened to U. of California, now happening to small towns

ADA lawsuit over captions on video streams forced University of
California at Berkeley to take down all of their video streams.
It is now happening to smaller American towns for the same
reason – high costs of captions. ADA laws coming back to
haunt us?


— a puzzling newspaper obit

Donald L. “Pat” Irwin, Council Bluffs, Iowa,
departed us. The newspaper obit said:

Pat was born September 16, 1932, in Iowa City, Iowa.
He graduated from Iowa School for the Deaf in 1951,
where he excelled in basketball. Pat proudly served his
country in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Korean War.

Serving in the Korean War? Was he very hard of hearing
as if being almost-very hearing? DeafDigest editor knows
of a graduate of 47 School for the Deaf (NYC) who said
he fought in the Korean War, but became evasive when
asked further questions.


— most human resources people do not know this rule

When human resources people interview deaf applicants,
accompanied by their interpreters, they do not know
this rule – speak directly to the deaf person and not
towards the interpreter. This rule has been broken
too many times, even if the deaf person ends up
getting the job he was looking for!



Deaf jobs – latest update

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