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July 12, 2020

August 2017 archive

Paul Edwin Overby, Jr.

Facebook ad link for Paul Edwin Overby, Jr. who was last seen in Khost City, Afghanistan, in mid-May of 2014, while conducting research in furtherance…

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Austin Bennett Tice

Facebook ad link for Austin Bennett Tice, who was kidnapped in Damascus, Syria on August 13, 2012. Austin was a freelance journalist and photographer for…

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Mr. Cook, Where is the Censorship Red Line for Apple?

Quoted from: https://www.goldenfrog.com/blog/where-is-censorship-red-line-apple by Sunday Yokubaitis Tim Cook addressed Apple removing 60+ major VPN apps from its China App Store last weekend on this week’s Apple Q3 earnings call: “We would obviously rather not remove the apps, but like we do in other countries, we follow the law wherever we do business. We strongly believe that participating in markets and …

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