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Net neutrality makes a comeback

Quoted from: http://www.thewatchdogonline.com/net-neutrality-makes-a-comeback-25369 By: Isabella Paxton     On Nov. 21, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission – better referred to as the FCC – released plans to repeal the Obama Administration’s Net Neutrality. From Nov. 21 to Dec. 14, 2017, the general public took the streets and the internet, protesting through major cities, ranting on every …

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The Full BBS Documentary Interviews are Going Online

This year, the full 250 hours of interviews I conducted for the BBS Documentary are going online at the Internet Archive. There’s already a collection…

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Why eSports should be taken more seriously

Quoted from: http://www.thewatchdogonline.com/why-esports-should-be-taken-more-seriously-25383 By Bradford Ozuk  The start of the new year signals the start of multiple different eSports leagues across the world. Multiple different variations of the League of Legends Championship started in the last week. Chinese leagues started on Jan. 16, Koreans started on Jan. 17, Europeans started on Jan. 19 and North Americans followed …

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Apple’s Appeasement of the Chinese is History Repeating Itself

Quited from: https://www.goldenfrog.com/blog/apple-appeasement-china-history-repeating by Sunday Yokubaitis   Following up on our ongoing battle for an uncensored, free and open Internet, China continues to enlist American companies in assisting their unjust and oppressive practice of silencing critics who challenge the status quo by removing any free and uncensored platform to information. Last year Apple removed VyprVPN and over 60 other major …

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The Undiscovered

There’s a bit of a nuance here; this entry is less about the specific situation I’m talking about, than about the kind of situation it…

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Consent Fest 2018

The Consent Academy Presents: Consent Fest 2018: #ConsentIsEssential! Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 at the Optimism Brewery 1158 Broadway Seattle WA […]

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How Seattle’s soda tax is crossing the line

Quoted from: http://www.thewatchdogonline.com/how-seattles-soda-tax-is-crossing-the-line-25346 By: Patric Williamson On Monday, Jan. 1, Seattle’s newest tax went into effect, placing an economic burden on those who consume sugary drinks, in an effort to curb obesity rates and diabetes mellitus Type 2. The tax targets drinks including sugared sodas, energy drinks, sugared coffee drinks, sweetened iced teas and sports drinks. According …

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