What If FIFA World Cup Were Held Every Two Years?

What if you were to find out that the next FIFA World Cup is due in 2020 instead of 2022. Certainly, soccer fans would go in a wild frenzy over the news.

Well, the news is not confirmed as of writing this piece, however, a proposal has been made in this regard. Former FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, was the first to have come up with such a proposition. It was later dismissed but now the proposal is gaining momentum.

Is It For Real?

Lately, it was Conmebol which presented the idea of conducting the grandest soccer event i.e. World Cup after every two years, as opposed to four years. Current FIFA president, Alejandro Dominguez Wilson-Smith, has confirmed this.

The reasons cited are economic viability for both the game of football as well as the careers of involved players. More players, as a result, will be able to participate in the marquee event. The proposal came to light at FIFA Congress in Kigali, the previous month.

Expansion Of UEFA Nations League

Since there are talks of expanding the UEFA Nations League to South American countries, why can’t Fifa World Cup be held every couple of years? The president is of the opinion that instead of having a Nations League we can have a World Cup, or both.

This way players will have the opportunity to appear in more World Cups which is healthy for their careers.

Current format restricts players to two World Cups at best. Financially speaking, FIFA can make more money and thus, can invest more, said the president.

In Conclusion

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