DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/04/22

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 22, 2019

— flight attendants do observe all passengers

In a web story it says that all flight attendants
observe all incoming passengers – to see which of
them may be trouble makers, which of them may
have had too much to drink, which are traveling
alone and which are disabled – and yes, which
are deaf! These attendants communicate with
each other via body language, facial expressions
and hand gestures. Does this help with deaf
passengers? Lets’ say if there are no incidents
with deaf passengers then things went well on
the flight!


— refusing to sign up for Chicago Smart 911

Chicago had hoped that residents would sign up for
Smart 911 to allow emergency services people reach them
during emergencies. This meant revealing private
information (medications, health histories,
behavorial problems, mental issues, etc). Many of
them won’t sign up for reasons of privacy.
Smart 911 would allow dispatchers to find interpreters
for the deaf. Yet, many deaf people won’t sign up!


— a well known entertainer refuses interpreters

Tyler Perry is an actor, playwright, filmmaker and comedian.
Does he like the deaf? Or even more so, does he like
interpreters? At a recent event that he hosted, he would
not allow interpeters to come up on the stage to
interpret for the deaf. If this is his attitude, then
it is disappointing.



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