DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/04/23

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 23, 2019

— probably a first, a hearing event cancelled

A planned event in Florida was cancelled. The
reason was lack of interpreters to accommodate
the deaf in the audience. Is it a first?
Normally hearing events continue as scheduled
despite interpreters not showing up or couldn’t
be booked!


— deaf character programmed into a video game

One of the video games (name was not mentioned in
the web story) involved a deaf animated character.
She was communicating in sign language with her
hearing friend, in which a hearing participant
caught while trying to make his way through
the video terrain.


— high number of deaf-owned businesses became low number

High-number of deaf-owend businesses becoming low
numbers? Yes. Years way back, many deaf schools had
strong vocational programs which trained the deaf to
become printers, shoemakers, upholsterers, tailors,
auto body repairmen, barbers, etc. Times have changed,
hence fewer deaf-owned businesses. Even Dummy Hoy
was a shoemaker, operating his own shop before he
decided to become a professional baseball player.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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