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Man’s Body Found In Stone Pillar Outside California Grocery Store

LANCASTER, CA – The body of a man was found after he died a horrible death inside a stone pillar outside a California grocery store.…

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German Serial Killer Electrocuted Himself While Masturbating In His Jail Cell

GERMANY – Egidius Schiffer aka the “Aachen Strangler,” accidentally electrocuted himself while performing a solo sex act in his jail cell. For those of you…

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Girl, 10, Electrocuted While Saving Kittens From Behind Clothes Dryer

NEW BOSTON, TX – A 10-year-old girl has died after her family says she was electrocuted while saving kittens from behind a clothes dryer. I…

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California Postal Worker Found Dead Inside Her Mail Truck During Heatwave

WOODLAND HILLS, CA – A 63-year-old US Postal Service worker was found dead in her truck on day temperatures reached 117 degrees. Peggy Frank was…

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Woman Dies After Falling Onto Broken Wine Glass While Celebrating Brazil World Cup

BRAZIL – A woman died after she fell onto a broken wine glass while celebrating Brazil’s World Cup win over Serbia. Tamra Maiochi, 30, was…

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Wife Drove Husband Back To Prison Two hours After He Was Mistakenly Released

GRAND JUNCTION, CO – A woman made her husband return to prison two hours after he was mistakenly released due to a prison mix-up. James…

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Man Dies After Stabbing Himself While Showing Off Stab Proof Vest

ENGLAND – A British man proving his “stab-proof vest” was indeed stab proof. died after stabbing himself. Just five days after 22-year-old Jordan Easton’s birthday,…

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Family Of Five Killed After Their Mountain Cabin Explodes

BRINNON, WA – A family of five are dead after the remote cabin they were staying in exploded. Neighbors began calling 911 at around 1…

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Two Men Killed By Young Girl Learning How To Drive

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Two men were killed when a young girl learning to drive accidentally ran them over. The incident happened Monday night as a…

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Teen Drowns When Her Hair Clogs Drain After Falling In Bathtub

BUTLER, PA — A 17-year-old girl died when she fell in the shower and her hair clogged the drain, causing her to drown. Brianna Rapp…

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