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Man Arrested For Giving Girlfriend “Wet Willy” During Argument

FORT PIERCE, FL – Police in Florida arrested a man for giving his girlfriend a “wet willy” during an argument. Ah, Florida Man. You are…

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Weather Girl Fractures News Anchor’s Skull After Hitting On Her Husband

CHARLESTON, WV – A television meteorologist has been charged with battery after she cracked the skull of her station’s news anchor during an argument over…

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Mother Charged After Leaving Baby In Car To Drink Margaritas

ARLINGTON, TN – A mother in Tennessee has been charged after she left her 6-month-old child in a car so she could go into a…

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Man Cut Off Employee’s Penis And Threw It To Dogs To Eat

THAILAND – A man in Thailand confessed to cutting off his employee’s penis then throwing the detached member to his pet dogs to eat. According…

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Drunk Mom Arrested After Locking Herself And Son Inside Hot Vehicle

LAKEWAY, TX — A woman has been arrested after she passed out after locking her and her 10-year-old son in a car as temperatures outside…

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Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty After Driving With A 0.347% BAC

SELMA, NC – A woman is facing animal cruelty charges after she drank a potentially lethal amount of alcohol before getting behind the wheel of…

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Woman Accused Of Biting Off And Swallowing Portion Of Neighbor’s Nose

CONROE, TX – Police have arrested a woman they say bit off and swallowed a portion of her neighbor’s nose. The victim, Tatianna, said last…

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Random Anti Trump videos…  

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Pulpit of Doom Podcast – Episode 7

HERE, NOW – We had an impromptu podcast Saturday night that you can listen to below. Thanks to Jaded and Pagan for jumping and helping…

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Woman Dies After Falling Onto Broken Wine Glass While Celebrating Brazil World Cup

BRAZIL – A woman died after she fell onto a broken wine glass while celebrating Brazil’s World Cup win over Serbia. Tamra Maiochi, 30, was…

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