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Woman Accused Of Slashing Boyfriend’s Face When He Refuses To Give Her The ‘D’

Vero Beach, FL — This lovely young lady was jailed last week after allegedly slashing her live-in boyfriend’s face with a knife because he wasn’t…

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Man Huffs Spray Paint Before Beating His Mother With A Spatula

ST ALBANS, WV – Police have arrested a man after he huffed spray paint then beat his mother over the head with a spatula. Glenn Allen…

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Man Arrested For Giving Girlfriend “Wet Willy” During Argument

FORT PIERCE, FL – Police in Florida arrested a man for giving his girlfriend a “wet willy” during an argument. Ah, Florida Man. You are…

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Weather Girl Fractures News Anchor’s Skull After Hitting On Her Husband

CHARLESTON, WV – A television meteorologist has been charged with battery after she cracked the skull of her station’s news anchor during an argument over…

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Man Shot Another Man In The Ass After Political Disagreement On Facebook

TAMPA, FL — A man got so angry during a political disagreement that he drove to the other man’s house and shot him in the…

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Durham Residents Help Catch Notorious Aggressive Driver

DURHAM, NC – An aggressive driver, whose antics behind the wheel caused locals to use social media to get him off the road, has had…

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Teen Charged After Throwing Young Boy Off Top Of Water Slide

APPLE VALLEY, MN – A Minnesota teen has been accused of tossing an 8-year-old boy from the top of a water slide because he was…

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Police Fatally Shot Armed Homeowner Who Had Fatally Shot Naked Intruder

AURORA, CO – A police officer fatally shot an armed homeowner who had just shot a naked intruder who came into his home and attacked…

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Angry Verizon Customer Drove Through Store, Phone Still Not Working

RALEIGH, NC – An elderly North Carolina man drove his car through the front of a Verizon store because his phone was not working and the…

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Man Slits 89-Year-Old Grandmother’s Throat So He Could Stop Caring For Her

CHANDLER, AZ – A man in Arizona has been arrested after he allegedly slit his 89-year-old grandmother’s throat because he was tired of caring for…

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