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The Future of Our Fight Against Chinese Censorship

The recent efforts by the Chinese government to tighten control of the flow of information available into their country has motivated us to step up…

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Russia Demands VPN Providers to Comply with Censorship; VyprVPN Refuses

Censorship in Russia has been steadily rising in the past few years, most notably with the announcement in July 2017 when the initial VPN law…

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The European Union Proposes a Censorship Directive Disguised as Copyright Protection

The future of the Internet in Europe and beyond has taken an interesting twist. Under the latest reform agreed upon by the EU, Google and…

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Hackers Hit Australian Government with Cyberattack Raising Questions About the Wisdom of Giving them Backchannels to Internet Encryption

The Australian government recently fell victim to a cyberattack being blamed upon a “sophisticated state actor”. No specific foreign nation or rogue regime has been…

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Our Commitment to China

The quest for a free and open Internet is a never-ending fight in modern China. The Great Firewall has been tenacious and active against VPN…

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Where are we now with VyprVPN service in China?

The blocking technology and techniques applied by the Chinese Government have evolved and become much more complex than anything we have seen before. We validated…

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Apple’s Response to Saudi App Controversy Indicates a Different Moral Standard for China

In modern Saudi Arabia, an app that has been exploited (and partially designed) for a rather medieval purpose is currently available in the app stores…

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How to Watch the 2019 Oscars

Hollywood’s biggest night is almost upon us as movie stars and famous people parade about in designer gowns and suits on the red carpet outside…

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U.S. Senators raise alarm over Foreign VPNs places negative spotlight on Kaspersky and Anchorfree VPN Partnership

In a bi-partisan effort by a pair of United States Senators, Marco Rubio (R- Florida) and Ron Wyden (D – Oregon) have drafted a letter…

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Live Stream the 2019 Grammys

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards and all of the glitz and glamor of red carpets, celebrities, and the numerous dazzling musical performances are set to…

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