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Meth-Addled Couple Accused Of Killing Man So They Could Live In His House

TACOMA, WA – A couple in Washington have been accused of killing a man so they could live in his home. Meth leads to some…

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Female Jogger Stabbed To Death In Random Attack At Washington DC Intersection

WASHINGTON, DC – One week after getting engaged, a 35-year-old woman was stabbed to death in a random attack at a Washington, DC intersection. The…

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Homeless Man Accused Of Stabbing Iowa State University Student To Death

AIMES, IA – Police have accused a 22-year-old homeless man of murdering an Iowa State University student whose body was found in a golf course…

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Prisoner Kills And Mutilates Cellmate, Wears Victim’s Ear On Necklace

LAKE CITY, FL – An inmate at Columbia Correctional Institution murdered his cellmate, gouged out his eyes, then strolled to breakfast with the victim’s ear…

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Teen Charged With Beating Her 3-Month-Old Daughter To Death With Dresser Drawer

ECTOR COUNTY, TX – A 19-year-old woman has been accused of beating her 3-month-old daughter to death with a dresser drawer. Klarissa Ramirez brought her…

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Man Decapitated Girlfriend In Front Of Daughter Because God Told Him To

MOUNT VERNON, WA – Police arrested a man after he admitted to cutting off his girlfriend’s head in front of their 3-year-old daughter because God…

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Couple Arrested After Missing 3-Year-Old Found Murdered At Lake Mead

LAS VEGAS, NV – A couple have been arrested after the woman’s missing 3-year-old was found murdered at Lake Mead. On Sunday morning, 20-year-old Cassie Smith…

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Woman Accused Of Murdering Husband By Poisoning Him With Eye Drops

YORK COUNTY, SC – York County investigators said they’ve arrested and charged a woman with murder after she poisoned her husband with eye drops. On July…

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Woman Charged With Murder After Two Of Her Babies Die Two Years Apart

ANCHORAGE, AK — A mother has been charged with murder after two of her baby daughters die two years apart. Last November, 23-year-old Stephany LaFountain…

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Man Killed City Code Officer After She Told Him To Clean His Yard

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Man has admitted to killing a city employee and two of his neighbors after he was told to clean up…

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