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Three Men Facing Over 1,400 Charges After Allegedly Having Relations With Various Farm Animals

MUNSON, PA — Three Pennsylvania men are facing a whole heap of charges after police say they banged several different species of farm animals several…

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Wedding DJ Arrested For The 1992 Rape And Murder Of Elementary School Teacher

LANCASTER, PA – Police have arrested a man after a DNA match identified him as the person responsible for the 1992 rape and murder of…

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Man Accused Of Taking A Dump On Another Man During Road Rage Incident

ALLENTOWN, PA  – Police have charged a man with harassment after he shit on another man during a road rage incident. Police say two men…

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Two Men Killed By Young Girl Learning How To Drive

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Two men were killed when a young girl learning to drive accidentally ran them over. The incident happened Monday night as a…

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