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Memphis Security Guard Had Sex With Woman’s Corpse In Hospital Storage Room

MEMPHIS, TN – A hospital security guard has admitted to having sex with a woman’s corpse in a hospital storage room. April Parham, 37, was…

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Mother Charged After Leaving Baby In Car To Drink Margaritas

ARLINGTON, TN – A mother in Tennessee has been charged after she left her 6-month-old child in a car so she could go into a…

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School Bus Driver Convicted In Crash That Killed Six Children Charged With Child Rape

CHATTANOOGA, TN – The school bus driver convicted in the school bus crash that killed six children has been accused of statutory rape. Back in…

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Woman Charged After Transporting Grandchildren In Dog Crates

MEMPHIS, TN — A woman in Tennessee got in some trouble when a concerned citizen recorded her transporting her two grandchildren inside dog crates. On…

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Teen Accused Of Trying To Rape Friend’s Mom During Sleepover

ARLINGTON, TN — A teen has been accused of trying to rape his friend’s mother during a sleepover at her home. Jordan Corter,18, was spending…

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