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Man’s Body Found In Stone Pillar Outside California Grocery Store

LANCASTER, CA – The body of a man was found after he died a horrible death inside a stone pillar outside a California grocery store.…

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Man, 30, Arrested For Attacking 16-Year-Old For Wearing MAGA Hat

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The 30-year-old dipshit who attacked a teenage boy in a Whataburger for wearing a MAGA hat has been arrested. For all…

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Mom Charged After Leaving 7-Year-Old Son In Hot Car While Shoplifting Inside Walmart

SPRING, TX – A woman has been charged after being caught shoplifting inside a Texas Walmart and not mentioning her child was baking in her…

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Child With Cancer Pleads With Mom To Come Back After She Vanished With Money Raised For His Treatments

CHINA – A 10-year-old boy in China went on television to beg his mother to come back after she disappeared with all the money that…

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Woman Who Stole $1.2 Million From Job Kills Herself Hours Before Sentencing

HUMBLE, TX – A 43-year-old woman who pleaded guilty to embezzling $1.2 million from her job killed herself outside a Walmart hour before she was…

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