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Florida Man Accused Of Burning Smiley Faces On Multiple Children.

ST PETERSBURG, FL – A Florida man has been accused of burning “smiley” faces on multiple children. Joshua Mize is a happy guy. And he…

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Two Teens Accused Of Stabbing Teen, Setting Him On Fire, Running Him Over

CHICAGO, IL – A 16-year-old girl and an 18-year-old boy have been accused of killing another teen by stabbing him, setting him on fire, then…

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Family Tortured Autistic Woman, Forced Her To Eat Ashes Of Her Dead Mother

AMITE, LA – Five family members have been charged after they subjected an autistic woman to a litany of abuses, including forcing her to eat the…

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Teen Left Sterile After Female Gang Pump Hot Water Into Her Uterus

GUBAKHA, RUSSIA – A 17-year-old girl has been left sterile after a gang of girls assaulted her and used a shower hose to pump hot…

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Home Invaders Held 7-Year-Old Boy Down In Bathtub Of Scalding Water

RICHMOND, TX – A father and his young son were injured after three men broke into their home and held the boy in a bathtub…

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Man Accused Of Torturing Stepchildren By Shoving Toothpicks Under Their Fingernails

PHOENIX, AZ – Police have accused a man of torturing his stepchildren by shoving toothpicks under their fingernails. On March 22, a school counselor contacted…

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