DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/01/09

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 9, 2019


— big insult posted on a tweet

Posted on a tweet today:

If someone calls a deaf person for help then the deaf person
would be helpless


Does DeafDigest editor like tweets? No.



— no flasher; not ADA violation

A law case took place in Virginia. A deaf man,
applying for a job as a shipyard pipefitter
was not hired. The employer said ability to
hear alarms is a job requirement. The court
sided with the employer. What is wrong with
the use of flashing devices in high-noise
work environment?



— “wrong, wrong signs” says Nyle DiMarco

Cassie, a speech pathologist, who was a contestant
on “The Bachelor” TV premiere, tried to teach
Colton Underwood some signs. She signed
you’re cute, rose, kiss. “Wrong, Wrong” said
Nyle, saying her use of signs was incorrect!
Use of wrong signs on national TV could be
quite embarrassing.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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Open Thread January 9!

For the traffic mess some people are going to experience when the Viaduct shuts down, it might be a chance to take public transportation. I recommend it. But! You should probably know what the hell you are doing. So here are some tips to make sure that you don’t mess with other people’s commute.

Load your Orca Card now. Or if you don’t have one, know how much your trip will cost and have it ready before you fumble around at the bus door, or wherever you pay.

Figure out your route ahead of time. The driver (ar least Metro) will help you out, but if it’s super crowded, there might be a lot. They will talk to you at the door, but if you cause them to stay at the stop through a light, everyone on the bus will hate you. One Bus Away is great, and all the transit agency websites have tools to help you out.

Standing in front of open seats doesn’t help anyone. Jesus, man. Just have a seat. Or if you’re worried about getting off soon, move away from it so someone else can sit down.

If it’s crowded, move toward the back, and away from doors. Exit from the rear doors of buses. Don’t crowd the platform on the train.


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Ivacy Steals the Show at BestVPN Awards 2019

Ivacy recently got multiple nominations by at the BestVPN Awards 2019, which took place in Las Vegas. To nobody’s surprise, Ivacy stole the show by winning for the following categories:

  • Best Speed
  • Best Overall (Runner-Up)
  • Best Value (Runner-Up)
Austin Tingley, Ivacy’s Senior Manager – Affiliate and Partnership, at the ceremony.

The BestVPN Awards was a part of the renowned Affiliate West Summit 2019, which is no small feat. After countless years in the industry, and being on the forefront for internet security and anonymity, Ivacy has established itself to be a VPN brand that cares about its users.

Seeing how users have shown great trust in the brand, Ivacy is highly motivated and eager to continue its mission to make internet freedom and security a reality.

The victory not only belongs to Ivacy but to all of its users that have shown great faith in the brand and its mission.

Here goes to another year of victories and achievements for Ivacy and its loyal users, cheers!
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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/01/08

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 8, 2019


— still deaf but function as hearing OR ex-deaf

Robert Peters was appointed by the Democrats to
finish the term of Attorney General-elect Kwame Raoul
in the Illinois Senate. Peters was born deaf, but
said that thanks to an operation at age of 8 he is
no longer deaf. The story did not elaborate any further.
If it was a CI, then he is still deaf when taking
off the CI. Or was it a non-CI operation that
completely restored his hearing?


— Chinese artificial intelligence app

Last year Chinese artificial intelligence
people came up with an app to help with
lip reading for the deaf. But there is
fear right now that this app would
be used to lip read every body for
their own spying purposes.


— Bumble on Super Bowl Day

Deaf dog Bumble, a Lab-chow chow mix, will
take part on the Super Bowl Day in the
Puppy Bowl 2019 contest. If you wish to
adopt that dog, it is too late, just
about all and every dogs have already
been taken to forever homes – before –
the program is aired!



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Samsung VPN – The Ultimate VPN for Samsung Devices

If you are a smartphone user, there’s a good chance you have a Samsung device. However, most users can’t wrap their head around the concept of a Samsung VPN. In these turbulent times of excessive government surveillance and lack of privacy, most Samsung users are concerned with the same question:

What is a VPN?

First off, a VPN is a service that provides you with an IP address of your own, while masking your originally IP address so that you can safely browse on the internet, without worrying about safety and security online.

Why Do I need a VPN for Samsung?

When you connect to a public WI-Fi network, you are vulnerable to hacking and spying. This also increases the chances for identity theft, which can land you in some serious trouble. Unfortunately, none of the Samsung devices be it, Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S7  (which is particularly vulnerable to hacking) or Smart TV, come with anti-hacking measures.

Only a VPN can secure your private data and protect you from hacking by providing you a secure tunnel with which you can send and receive information even if you happen to be connected through a public network.

Can a VPN be used for Samsung?

VPNs work on a number of different platforms, and Samsung is definitely one of them. However, you need to look for a VPN that comes best optimized to work across all Samsung devices and its latest releases.

How to use a Samsung VPN?

You don’t really need to be a tech geek to be able to work your way around a VPN.

All one needs to do is, download, install and chose the preferred location and its GO time! The heavy ended encryption and IP skipping features work in the background, however not occupying much of the smartphone’s processing power. This is easily one of the most commendable qualities of a great VPN!

Do I need a Password for Samsung VPN?

Of course, any VPN that works on any of the Samsung VPN client’s including VPN for Samsung smartphones, TV and tablets, requires a login ID and password which is set up only once you have signed up for the VPNs service by either:

  • Subscribing to the 7- day/30- day trial periods offered by the service.
  • Purchasing the premium subscription for the package you have chosen.

Another common query in the online community is:

Which is the Fastest VPN for Android Samsung Devices i.e. Phones and TV?

Ivacy is the fastest VPN for android you can come across. It is one of the top-rated VPNs primarily for its speeds and given the fact that is offered at considerably lower rates than the other VPNs.

Here are Ivacy’s ratings given by the most authentic online publications:

  • TRUSTPILOT  5/10
  • BEST VPN    4/10
  • VPNRANKS 5/5
  • PCWorld  5/5
  • PCMAG 3/5
  • TechRadar 3/5

Therefore, if you happen to be a fan of VPNs, Ivacy comes highly recommended.

Key Features of Ivacy VPN in a Nutshell

  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • 1000+ Servers in 100+ Locations
  • Multiple Login Support
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Internet Kill Switch

Ivacy VPN is Better than the Rest

  • One click instant connection
  • Optimized for all Samsung devices
  • Uninterrupted connection with Smart TV
  • All Android versions supported

Can Ivacy Bypass Netflix’s Geo-restrictions on Samsung’s Smart TV?

If you have Samsung’s smart TV, which runs on the Android operating system, you can install Ivacy’s android application. You can do so through any of the following options:

  • All you need to do is REGISTER for Ivacy VPN.
  • Then follow these steps.
  • Now stream, access and relish any content you want to on your Samsung Smart TV.

Ivacy’s users enjoy access to 1000+ different servers spread across 100+ countries around the world, which means you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix by simply changing your location and switching to a different country’s IP, where that show is available.

How to use a VPN on Samsung’s Smartphone?

If you have a Samsung smartphone, let’s say vpn Samsung Galaxy S7 or VPN Samsung Galaxy S8, all you need to do is download the official Ivacy app for this purpose, however, if that doesn’t work, you can follow the manual process via the “settings” in your phone.

You can find more about setting up Ivacy in Samsung phones here.

Samsung VPN comes with a Split Tunneling Feature

One of the best features of Ivacy includes a split tunneling feature, which means you get to decide the sites whose traffic you want to allow through Ivacy’s encrypted tunnel, which means you can choose to use the VPN for certain purposes while the original IP for others.

This can prove to be incredibly beneficial for the gamers since the cumbersome impact of the VPN on gaming experience precisely the speed and latency can be mitigated.

Samsung VPN ensures Optimum Security of your Samsung Data

Ivacy does not keep logs nor monitors your online surfing activities, original IP addresses, data uploaded or downloaded or the DNS related information.

Ivacy is based in Singapore – a country whose companies may not be liable for data laws existing in the United States or Europe. The only information that Ivacy retains, for the most part, is the E-mail, name and the payment details required for the registration process, which means that any data transmitting to or from your Samsung devices is secure.

Ivacy is the “Most Economical” Samsung VPN Available 

The discount packages being offered by Ivacy remain to be unmatched elsewhere in the industry. A 5-year subscription with Ivacy will cost you a mere $1/month, culminating into a 90% discount.

Moreover, Ivacy comes with a 30-day money back guarantee which means you can have your money back in case you are left feeling dissatisfied with the service.

This comes with a 1-year sticky password subscription that comes free along with it, as part of Ivacy’s New Year sale. Several other packages are available too if you are not willing to get a long-term subscription.

How to Download the Samsung VPN App?

Ivacy’s Android app is really easy to set up and install, requiring little to no knowledge about VPNs.  You can download Ivacy VPN for Android on your Samsung device, by going through the following steps:

  • Search for Ivacy VPN by visiting Play store.
  • Click on the Install button
  • Agree with the terms and conditions by checking the relevant tab
  • Click on the button to turn the VPN and there you GO!

Ivacy’s Samsung VPN app is incredibly easy to use and even comes with a purpose selection feature, which means you can choose the purpose for which you want to use it, be it Streaming, Unblocking or Secure Downloading. Customized IP addresses are available for each purpose!

Is Ivacy’s Samsung VPN Available for Free?

For those wanting to use a VPN for free, Ivacy has them covered too, with Ivacy Lite – the free version of Ivacy VPN. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ivacy is easily the best free VPN available out there. However, there is a drag. They won’t be able to access the different locations that come with a premium subscription or enjoy the performance and speed that comes with the premium version, though it is great for anyone wanting to try before buying the service.

Ivacy VPN costs a lot less than the premium VPN services that may end up costing you a pretty penny, but it’s definitely an above average performer for the small price it is charging, having been optimized to work across all Samsung platforms. This is why it is the ultimate VPN that works best for all Samsung smartphones, smart TV and any other devices.

Now, that your most pressing questions about VPNs for Samsung have been answered, what’s stopping you?

Get Ivacy Now
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Australia’s new encryption laws could jeopardize global privacy

On December 6th of 2018, the Australian government raised eyebrows by rushing to pass a controversial anti-encryption bill that could negatively impact tech companies and their users around the globe. The ominous legislation, dubbed as the “Assistance and Access Act, will mandate that any company or organization with website data being hosted on Australian soil must give authorities access to their information systems upon request. 

Simply put, that means providing a backdoor to encryption in Australia that’s supposed to help law enforcement spy on suspects. In true Big Brother fashion, the Australian Government has decided that it hates being locked out of anything that’s been securely encrypted and is now forcing companies to help them hack their way into private accounts or even to implant malware. Stiff penalties and fines await any company that isn’t willing to cooperate. 

The advent of end-to-end encryption has given people around the world both security and privacy when it comes to personal information and communication. Modern life is tethered to the internet, and we fear the good intentions of aiding law enforcement to access encrypted materials may inadvertently undermine online security and privacy with hacker-friendly loopholes that set a dangerous precedent in our digitally connected and increasingly global online community.  

In a post 9/11 world, government agencies and law enforcement have complained that encryption prevents them from properly investigating or monitoring dangerous suspects or even preempting crime and terrorism. But Australia’s concessions against personal security in the name of spying on suspects all feels a little Orwellian in our view, and the invasion of personal privacy by any government is deeply troubling to us. Anyone paying attention to the nature of the latest Australian law can already tell it may be a slippery slope that allows the government to investigate private citizens with little accountability and for the pettiest of allegations. Golden Frog was born to fight questionable access to user data, and we take great exception to the idea that people’s personal information should be subject to monitoring by unmoderated arms of any government. 

All of this begs the question: will giant multinational tech giants continue to host any data under Australian jurisdiction?  What impact could that have on the Australian consumer and economy as a whole? Many tech companies have publicly signaled their displeasure with the legislation and may take the action of pulling up their stakes and relocating assets abroad to protect customer data from being compromised.   

And because of the sheer global scale of most tech companies, ordering backdoors built into encryption in Australia could open a proverbial Pandora’s Box when it comes to the future of online privacy, as this is not a law with consequences that stop beyond Australia’s shores. Critics argue that there is simply no way to create tools to undermine encryption without jeopardizing digital security. There is no safeguard against potential hackers, who will be gifted hacking tools on a silver platter if companies are forced to provide back channels for the Australian government, and it may be enough to compromise networks around the world.  

Additionally, any service, app or company found to be non-compliant with the new legislation could risk being blocked or heavily censored from use in the land Down Under (if they even want to continue doing business in Australia at all). Inevitably, when it comes to bypassing censorship, VPNs are usually called upon to access content that’s being firewalled off from the public by routing around any restrictions in place. And that’s a role we proudly play in the name of internet freedom. 

The latest legislation in Australia also confirms the wisdom in why Golden Frog’s own VyprVPN maintains a No Log policy, meaning we do not record or retain any data when you use the VyprVPN Service.   The less data we have then the less data can ever be at risk of falling into the hands of unwelcome third parties…which is the whole point of encryption in the first place.  

Through it all Golden Frog has been an outspoken advocate for worldwide internet freedom, and we were originally founded in opposition to government surveillance. For this reason, we strongly urge all Australians to have their voice heard by their own country’s parliament, and to reach out to their representatives to let them know you stand in absolute opposition to the Assistance and Access Bill.  

The future of internet privacy may depend upon the stand Australians take to protect themselves as their country now represents the frontlines of this global battle.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/01/07

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 7, 2019

— a Silent Taxi for deaf drivers

Hyundai is coming up with “Silent Taxi” which
is supposed to help the deaf drivers know what
sounds are out there – police cars, fire trucks,
and ambulances. Would it help the deaf driver
if there is a sound inside the car, such as a
crying baby or a crying dog?


— QR Reader app used in a gym

QR Reader is an app that is supposed to help the deaf know
where they stand with their goals while going through
fitness drills in a gym. A gym owner in Little Rock,
Arkansas is using QR Reader as an easier way to
communicate with the deaf with their fitness goals.


— difference between Amazon USA and Amazon UK

“Bad Reputation” was a popular rock music shown
in USA (and in Great Britain) during the early
eighties. Joan Jett, not deaf, is an American who
spent her best musical years in Great Britain,
and she was a big part of Bad Reputation. There
are many deaf people that follow music. What
about captioned or subtitled music. The review

Unfortunately there are no subtitles available

That DVD is being marketed by Amazon UK. Is it
saying that Amazon UK does not have to caption
but Amazon USA must caption?



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Open Thread January 7

So, it’s probably too early, but 2020 primary elections for President and possibly governor are sooner than we might want. I am going to try to stay neutral. There are people I like more than others, but there’s no need to pick at this point. Hopefully we can get to issues at some point.


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Unblock the Internet with the Best LG VPN

If you own an LG device or several LG devices for that matter, you may be on the lookout for the best LG VPN out there. You will come across quite a few, but not all of them will be what you need. Some are great for streaming, while others for torrenting, but there isn’t a VPN service that has a one-size-fits-all approach for those that want to stick to a single solution rather than several. Fortunately, Ivacy is one of those solutions that do just that, that too at an affordable price.

Tired of having to deal with geo-restrictions? Get Ivacy VPN to fix this problem for good!

Unblock the Internet with LG VPN

Believe it or not, the internet is plagued with cyber threats. If that is not enough, the internet is also restricted. Due to these limitations and restrictions, you are unable to enjoy the internet as it was originally intended.

Of course, you have got plenty of VPNs to choose from, but not a lot of them cater to LG devices. If you are on the lookout for an LG VPN, then look no further than Ivacy.

Apart from securing yourself from cyber threats of any kind, you will see that Ivacy VPN will let you access content from any region. The service has 1000+ servers in 100+ locations. The best part? You can switch between as many servers as you want. There are not any restrictions on bandwidth either, which means you can stream and browse all you want.

The possibilities are limitless with Ivacy VPN. If you do get it for your LG device, there is nothing you can’t do.

Worried about your online security? Get Ivacy VPN to become invisible.

LG VPN for Android

For LG devices running Android, you will not have to do much to get Ivacy up and running. All you need to do is to download the Android VPN app.  One that is taken care of, here is what you need to do to access a free internet while being anonymous online:

  1. Access Ivacy VPN.
  2. Select “Smart Connect”
  3. Choose a “Location”
  4. Select Connect

Depending on the location you have selected, you will be able to access localized content from that region in particular.  To stream content from specific channels, you will need to select the “Streaming” option in the app instead.

VPN for LG Smart TVs

LG Smart TV owners will be pleased to know they can get Ivacy on their device without any hassles at all.

Android or not, you will find all the instructions you need to get Ivacy on your LG TV Smart TV here.

Does LG come with a Built-in VPN?

LG does not come with a built-in VPN, which can be frustrating for those looking forward to enjoying true internet freedom and security, but it does allow you to set up one manually.

If you do not want to use Ivacy’s dedicated app, you can manually set up Ivacy VPN on your device with ease. To do so, follow these instructions.

Afraid of getting a DMCA notice? Get Ivacy VPN to prevent this from happening.

Free VPN for LG Mobile

If you want to get a taste of what Ivacy is offering without paying a dime in the process, then you should check out its free VPN for LG mobiles.

Ivacy Lite allows you to switch between different VPN servers automatically. You can’t exactly choose what region to connect to, but the good news is you are still able to defeat geo-restrictions and cyber threats as long as you remain connected.

Ivacy is the Best LG VPN

Ivacy is the best LG VPN out there, and that is a fact. As already mentioned earlier, you get access to any and all content online without exposing yourself to the threats that plague the internet.

If you are unsure how Ivacy can help you out, here are a couple of use cases to keep in mind:

  • Carry out bank transaction online since your internet traffic is hidden
  • Torrent to your heart’s content as not even your own ISP will be able to track your activities
  • Connect to private networks using dedicated IPs for greater security
  • Connect to Public Wi-Fi networks safely, even those observed by third parties and cybercriminals
  • Defeat ISP throttling, thus ensuring you get the best streaming experience ever
  • Protect your private and confidential information from falling in the wrong hands
  • Travel to different countries and regions with impenetrable security in the form of military grade encryption

The benefits of Ivacy VPN are plenty, so why not the make the most of them to get the best possible online experience like never before? Whether you strictly own LG devices or not, Ivacy is available on all platforms, even Linux for that matter, so you remain protected through and through.

Get Ivacy Now



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DeafDigest Gold – January 6, 2019

DeafDigest Gold – January 6, 2019
Gold Edition – updated every Monday
Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 23rd year

weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions: (updated every Monday)
Employment ads web site:
Old Fogey
Interpreter Referral Agency
Last week’s ASL Videos in youtube:
This week’s ASL Videos in youtube:
list of upcoming Deaf National Events
Top stories about the deaf:
The South Korean national assembly will pass a
bill to give rights and needs to the deaf.
Lorne Farovitch, a deaf graduate student at
translational biomedical sciences at the
University of Rochester, has a goal. He
wishes to convert science words into ASL.
An example is converting DNA into something
ASL that the deaf will understand.
Google has been working on Project Soli.
It is based on gestures to help improve
communications, basically among hearing
people. DeafDigest is hoping it would
evolve into a deaf-based version of
Project Soli. Hearing people understand
gestures better than sign language.
Fitness is My Sickness is a gym in the
San Diego area. This business wishes to
teach deaf participants to fully
participate in these exercises the same
as with their hearing peers.
A deaf student won a lottery in India to
be placed at an exclusive school. The
problem was that the school did not have
a deaf education teacher. As a result,
he lost the lottery as the pick was
given to a hearing student!
*Media Coordinator*
New position opening at H3 World TV. Nonprofit media organization seek
media coordinator with past experience of managing media/production
projects, knowledge of journalism and management capabilities. This
full-time position involves news editorial, writing and editing,
coordinating crew members on current affairs, deaf events and sports
productions, social media and website. Canadian employer prefers position
to be based at headquarters in Toronto, Canada but may consider other
settings. For further information or to express interest, send cover
letter, resume/CV and portfolio to:
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Many parents of deaf children have disagreements
with the school district.
    An example would be that the parents want to send the
deaf child to a residential school but the district
wants the deaf child to go to a mainstreamed program.
    If you live in Virginia, you may be lucky. The
state Department of Education has mediation services.
    The parent and the district can go to mediation
and hopefully solve this disagreement issue.
    Does your home state have it? Maybe you may need
to find out.
This week’s ASL video in youtube
Unlock the phone with CapTel®  Captioned Telephone!
CapTel shows word-for-word captions of everything a caller
says over the phone, letting you read everything that they say
– Like captions on TV – for the phone!
Captions are provided at no cost to the user, with no monthly
fees or contracts required.
For more information or to order call 1-800-233-9130
For more info about CapTel or any of the many assistive listening
devices we offer, email:
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
CapTel® Captioned Telephone – See What Everyone is Talking About!
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    An immature Gallaudet student was rude, insulting
deaf people older than he was. He repeatedly insulted
an older female student (who was married with a
family) who returned to Gallaudet to finish up
courses for her degree.
    That student, about to graduate, was looking
for jobs at deaf schools.  At one deaf school, the
husband of that deaf female student, was an
    Needless to say, that rude Gallaudet student
didn’t get the job he was hoping for.
This week’s ASL video in youtube
Rene Pellerin’s Corner:
I was frying eggs for breakfast.
I always use plenty of pepper on my eggs.
It just happened that my pepper mill was out of pepper corn!
So, I use already ground pepper in a can from McCormick.
I flipped one side open and it poured!
Oh, what a hot spicy breakfast I had!
Lesson learned! I need to feel the top before shaking!
Coffee refill coming up!
Rene’s show business started in year 2010 and it focuses on the
You can email him at
For postings, announcements and employment ad rates:
DeafDigest Sports:
if you know of mainstreamed athletes, please
click on mainstream on the right side of
mainstreamed athletes
Gallaudet Athletics online store
for sub/unsub options, go to
the employment ads section:
All new jobs immediately posted


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