How to watch Malaysian Grand Prix 2018 Online without Cable

The Malaysian Grand Prix will commence from September 30 to October 02 2018. The Formula One fanatics have already started posting queries as to how to Stream Formula 1 Live online “Malaysian Grand Prix”.

How to watch Malaysian Grand Prix 2018 Online

Well, that’s quite easy. With all the major broadcasting channels geo-restricted, you just have to configure a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch Malaysian Grand Prix online with full privacy and security over the web.

In order to setup Ivacy VPN, you must follow these steps.

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN account with your username and password
  2. Download and install Ivacy VPN app on your desired platform or system (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux etc.)
  3. From the ‘Smart Purpose Selection’ tool, select the server location from where you want to live stream the event. For instance, if you want to watch Malaysian Grand Prix on NBC Sports Live – an American live streaming channel, then you must connect to the US fastest VPN. You can select your desired encryption protocol as well.
  4. Once you are done with the selection, hit the ‘Connect’ button.

There you go! You can now watch Malaysian Grand Prix online with complete security and anonymity online.

Circuit Details

The Sepang International Circuit is known for its unusual design and turns. It has got a long straight back. There are 15 treacherous turns on the race track. Hot and humid conditions pose a great challenge for the drivers. In the past, the race has been affected by thunderstorm.

Sepang Circuit Malaysian Grand Prix

Drivers’ Standings

Nico Rosberg of Mercedes has finally edged his teammate, Lewis Hamilton to grab the top position in drivers’ standings. He has 273 points, while Hamilton has 265 points, a difference of mere eight points. Daniel Ricardo of Red Bull Racing stands in third place with 179 points.

Will Hamilton catch up with Rosberg? Well, it’s high time for him. Otherwise, Rosberg is set to dominate all the way to win the drivers’ championship. The F1 fanatics should wait and watch the Malaysian Grand Prix online to get the final results.

Drivers' Positions - Malaysian Grand Prix 2016

Race Schedule

Malaysian Grand Prix has 56 laps. It will be held at Sepang International Circuit from September 30 to October 02, 2018. Here is the race schedule for the Formula One lovers.

Date Event Time
Friday 30 September 2016 Practice Session 1 10:00 – 11:30
Practice Session 2 14:00 – 15:30
Saturday 01 October 2016 Practice Session 3 14:00 – 15:00
Qualifying Session 17:00 – 18:00
Sunday 02 October 2016 Final Race 15:00 – 17:00

Why you need a VPN

 It is a fact that all the major online broadcasting channels will cater to the needs of local audiences. Therefore, if you live in a country where these broadcasting channels are not accessible, you should opt for a fast and affordable VPN service, just like Ivacy VPN.

A VPN not only helps you protect your online identity, but also provides you with your own private space, where no one is able to breach your online security and privacy. So, you can browse the web with complete ease.

Online Broadcasting Channels for Malaysian Grand Prix 2018

There are many online channels that will broadcast the much awaited Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix all around the world. We have compiled a list of online channels. Check it out.

Country Broadcasting Channels
United States NBC Sports Live Extra
United Kingdom Sky Sports, BBC Sport
Canada RDS2, TSN3
Australia One
France Canal+ Sports
Italy Sky Sports F1
Spain Antena 3
India Star Sports

With Ivacy VPN in place, you can now watch Malaysian Grand Prix online without any hiccups. Relax and enjoy fast and buffer-free live streaming of this event right from your home.

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How to watch Brazilian Grand Prix online without cable

It’s November Folks! The Formula One season is nearing its end. The Brazilian Grand Prix 2016 will take place at Autódromo José Carlos Pace, in Sao Paulo, this Sunday, November 13.

The anticipation is already in the air. Many Formula One fans will watch the action live in Sao Paulo circuit. There are millions who would love to watch Formula 1 Live Stream online. And they are eagerly waiting for the race to commence. But how these cord cutters will watch Brazilian Grand Prix online without cable?

Watch Brazilian Grand Prix Online with Ivacy VPN

Remember, watching Brazilian Grand Prix online with a VPN in place is surely going to be an excellent experience. Here’s how you can set up Ivacy VPN to watch Brazilian Grand Prix online without cable.

  1. Subscribe for Ivacy VPN service account with your username and password
  2. Download and install Ivacy VPN app on your desired platform or smart device (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, or Android etc.)
  3. Use the Smart Purpose Selection tool to select your preferred encryption protocol (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN etc.). You should also select your desired server location from where you want to access the website and live stream Brazilian Grand Prix 2016 online.
  4. Once the selection is done, you should click on the Connect button.

That’s it! Now, you can watch Brazilian Grand Prix online with complete online privacy and anonymity. No one, including your ISP, data snoopers, data hackers and even the surveillance agencies will be able to breach into your private digital space.

Circuit details

The Autódromo José Carlos Pace, the location for Brazilian Grand Prix 2016, is one of the most challenging circuits in the Formula One world. The circuit runs anti-clockwise, thus making it quite tough for the drivers both mentally and physically.


More importantly, the circuit is built on a hilly area, hence the natural ups and downs and curves make it really difficult for the drivers to control while driving. It requires high skill and acute presence of mind on part of the drivers.

Watching your favorite drivers in action live from the grand stand will be a great experience. But if you can’t make it that far, it’s better to watch Brazilian Grand Prix online while resting in your house.

Drivers’ standings

Lewis Hamilton of Team Mercedes has made his intentions clear by winning the US Grand Prix 2016. He is going fight for the glory till the last race in Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg still leads the Drivers’ standings with 349 points, enjoying a 19-point lead over Hamilton.


Who will win the race at Sao Paulo? Well, we will have to wait and watch Brazilian Grand Prix online to get the final result.

Race schedule

The Brazilian Grand Prix has 71 laps in total. The practice sessions for the race will commence on Friday and Saturday.

Date Event Time
Friday, November 11, 2016 Practice Session 1 10:00 – 11:30
Practice Session 2 14:00 – 15:30
Saturday, November 12, 2016 Practice Session 3 11:00 – 12:00
Qualifying Session 14:00 – 15:00
Sunday, November 13, 2016 Final Race 14:00 – 16:00

 The final race will commence on Sunday, November 13, 2016. Check out the race schedule and set your date to watch Brazilian Grand Prix online.

Online broadcasting channels for Brazilian Grand Prix 2016

Formula One racing is a global sporting event. Therefore, a large number of online channels will broadcast the Brazilian Grand Prix live over the internet. Below is the list of selected online channels that will broadcast the race.

Country Broadcasting Channels
Australia Ten Play, Fox Sports Australia
Germany RTL, Sky Sport
United Kingdom All 4, Sky Sports
United States of America NBC Sports Live Extra, Univision NOW

But wait! These major broadcasting channels only cater to the local audiences. It may the case that any of these channels is restricted in your home country or region.

Don’t worry though! Ivacy VPN is here to help you. Ivacy VPN offers excellent features coupled with breathtakingly fast speed and strong 256-bit encryption to make your anonymous, while you enjoy watching Brazilian Grand Prix online without any hiccups.

After connecting to Ivacy VPN, you can select any of the above mentioned online channels and watch all the action live over the internet, right from your home. It’s really easy.

Why you need a VPN?

In this digital age where piracy and surveillance have made it really difficult for netizens to carry out their routine online tasks, a virtual private network (VPN) is a blessing in disguise. A VPN not only replaces your original IP address with a pseudo one, but also encrypts your online data, providing you with a secure tunnel to by pass any untoward hacking incident.

Therefore, a VPN makes you anonymous and private at the same time, safeguarding you against the evil prying eyes of the data snoopers, hackers, ISPs and government surveillance.

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How To Watch Austrian Grand Prix Live Stream For Free

With the Canadian Grand Prix done and dusted, the eyes of F1 fans around the world are now set on the 2017 Red Bull Austrian GP. The event is set to commence on Friday, Jul 7 (practice) with the qualifiers taking place on Saturday, July 8 and the race scheduled for Sunday, July 9.

So, if you’re excited to watch your favorite F1 racers from around the world in the Red Bull ring but can’t make it to the venue to catch the action live then do not fret. Here’s a neat trick to Live Stream Formula 1 for FREE.

Watch F1 Austrian Grand Prix Live Stream

Are you excited to watch Austrian grand prix 2017 live this July 7? Why go through the hassle of actually traveling all the way to Spielburg, Steiermark to catch all the action live from the Red Bull ring when you can live stream Austrian grand prix on Sky Sports?

That’s right! You can now watch all the formula 1 action right on your television screen without any hassle. All you need to do is tune in to Sky Sports from July 7 to July 9. However, there’s a teensy little problem. Sky Sports is region-locked which means that you can’t catch the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix on it from outside UK.

But with Ivacy VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and catch all the action in the Austrian Grand Prix live from anywhere in the world. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy.
  2. Download and Install the Ivacy app and then Launch it
  3. Under the “Countries” tab, select UK Fastest Server since Sky Sports is a UK-based channel.
  4. You can now stream Austrian Grand Prix livestream.

Get Ivacy NowLive Stream Austrian Grand Prix On Kodi

Watch Austrian Grand Prix

Do you have a Kodi device at home? If you do then you’re in luck because Kodi has tons of working links to live stream sports events from around the world.

So, if you’re looking for a way to watch Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix then Kodi is the best choice for you! Here are some amazing Kodi addons where you can get live streaming links to the Austrian Grand Prix circuit:

  • SportsDevil
  • Adrian Sports
  • UK Turn Playlists

Do remember though that Kodi is still considered illegal in certain countries. So, unless you actually love to flirt with trouble, we’d suggest you use Ivacy VPN to anonymize yourself when watching restricted paid content on Kodi. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy VPN.
  2. Download and Install Ivacy VPN app for Kodi.
  3. Configure Ivacy VPN on Kodi.
  4. Watch Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix on Kodi.

Get Ivacy Now

Watch Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix on Roku

You can even tune into Sky Sports on your Roku device and watch Austrian Grand Prix livestream on the biggest screen in your home. But you would need to install  Sky Sports on Roku to catch all the action live.

Unfortunately, Sky Sports is only available on Roku devices through a paid subscription to NowTV Roku Channel. However, you can also watch Sky Sports on a pay-as-you-go basis so you need only to pay for the live stream Austrian Grand Prix 2017.

Once again, you would need to mask your IP address with a VPN in order to unblock Sky Sports outside UK. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy.
  2. Download and Install Ivacy and then Launch app.
  3. Configure Ivacy VPN on Roku.
  4. Watch 2017 Red Bull Austrian GP on Roku.

And that’s it! Watch all the action from the Austrian Grand Prix start time to the waving of the checkered flag and catch your favorite racers try to outdo each other.

Get Ivacy Now

Watch F1 Austrian Grand Prix 2017 on iPad

Watch F1 Austrian Grand Prix 2017 on iPad

Before you go about live streaming GP Canada on iPad, do keep in mind that you will need a VPN to overcome geo-restrictions which will hinder your streaming experience. To watch Canadian Grand Prix Live on iPad, simply follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy VPN.
  2. Download and Install Ivacy VPN app from Apple Store and then Launch it.
  3. Under “Purpose” tab, select BBC iPlayer to connect to UK Fastest Server.
  4. Download Sky Sports app for iPad from Apple Store.
  5. Watch Austrian Grand Prix on iPad.

Watching 2017 Red Bull Austrian GP was never easier. Simply change your server location with Ivacy VPN and catch all the action as it unfolds on the Red Bull ring in Austria. So what are you waiting for?

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2018/11/09

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 9, 2018


— getting a refund because of driver’s deafness!

A passenger got into a private car service; no one told
the passenger that the driver was deaf. The passenger
was upset because he felt the driver was following the
route on his app and did not understand the passenger’s
short cut routes. After realizing the driver was
deaf, the passenger confronted the ride sharing company.
Not wanting any problems or issues, the company gave
the passenger a full refund! It took place in China.
The refund was given even though the “Uber” passenger
got to his destination and the ride was safe and on


— Ripley’s Believe it or Not says no about Dummy Hoy

Baseball historians have credited Dummy Hoy for inventing
the “safe” and “out” signals for umpires to use. No, not
true, says Ripley’s Believe it or Not, saying that
umpire Bill Klem invented these safe and out signals!
Who is right? Who is wrong?


— if you go to a casino, a possible surprise

One of the casino dealers is a former ASL interpreter.
That interpreter would not say which casino and which
city it is located. Keep in mind that a dealer, fluent
in ASL, will not necessarily help you win more money!



Deaf jobs – latest update

11/04/18 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:


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The Wait’s Over – Black Friday Deals Canada 2018 Have Arrived!

Black Friday Deals Canada is a day right after Thanksgiving and falls on a Friday, hence, the name Black Friday. In the start, it was hailed as a start to holiday shopping season (both officially and unofficially), however, over the last few years, this has more become a one-day event where items go on sale at unbelievably low prices!

Remaining holidays are considered separate from this event such as Christmas and New Year. All the major retail outlets and stores will come up with crazy deals so as to attract customers buying from them. Not that deals are a fluke. There are some serious discounts but in the end, it results in bulk revenues for merchants.

Win-win, so to speak.

Usually, Black Friday Deals Canada or sales go live before Friday. As of late, 2013 to be exact, some stores tend to go live on a Wednesday, Monday or even on actual Thanksgiving Day. Simply put, if its Black Friday week, you can expect it to start on any day of the week!

Best VPN Black Friday Deals Canada

Online industries also allow people to benefit from awesome discounts on their products. One such industry is VPN. VPN is of utmost importance in modern day online security landscape. We have seen security breaches at Cathay Pacific airline and Facebook in 2018 where user data was compromised.

Which is why, it is crucial that as a netizen, you should take care of your presence online by safeguarding your privacy. Downloading Ivacy VPN can be your true companion for when you are traveling or when connected to a public Wi-Fi. It will not only encrypt your connection but makes it impossible for data snoopers and hackers to steal your information.

So while you bask in the discounts and special offers on Black Friday, what’s the harm in investing for your online security at special prices with Ivacy.

1 Month Plan – $9.95 [ Billed $9.95 ] Save 0
        3 Month Plan – $4.99 [ Billed $14.97 ] Save 50%

1 Year Plan – $3.33 [ Billed $40 ] Save 66%
2 Years Plan – $2.25 [ Billed $54 ] Save 77%
5 Years plan – $1.34 [ Billed $80 ] Save 87%


3 Years plan – $1.5 [ Billed $54 ] Save 85%

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Why Is There A Need To Celebrate Black Friday?

Black Friday is a shopping fiesta at its helm and it is celebrated for a number of reasons. For starters, it is celebrated for being the last major holiday before Christmas.


Because many employers give their employees Friday off over the Thanksgiving weekend so it serves as a chance for the public to hit malls and shop for the Christmas at special prices.

Most people avail the quota from their annual leaves and plan to visit their friends or family and even plan vacations as part of the long weekend. It is not a federal holiday by any means but the trend has spread like a wildfire over the past couple of years. Changes are also expected in public transport schedules due to congestion on roads as part of the shopping spree.

When’s Black Friday in Canada?

Well, that’s easy. It is the same day as it is celebrated in the USA. Black Friday extravaganza will take place on 23rd November in Canada and elsewhere in the world (wherever, it’s celebrated).

Black Friday Deals Canada By Top Brands

As stated, Black Friday is when all the big names come up with serious discounts and for Canadians, it is no different. Here are some Black Friday Deals Canada offered by some of the notable brands.

  • Chapters Indigo

You can avail discounts at Chapters Indigo online as well as at its physical locations. Pre-Black Friday sales are up where you can enjoy between 20% – 30% off on books, toys, and other household items.

  • Lids

This Black Friday, Lids has in store for its Canadian customers an offer where they can buy one and get another for 50% off on all headwear.

  • RW&CO.

People in Canada can enjoy 40% flat discount on fashion items of all kinds at RW&CO.

  • Aritzia

Clothing outlet Aritzia is not behind either. The famous Canadian brand is offering 50% off on all winter wear this Black Friday.

  • Sugarfina

If you are looking for your glucose fix this Black Friday then head down to any of Sugarfina outlets on Black Friday Deals Canada and avail a different deal each day between November 24 – 26.

  • Topdeck Travel

Topdeck Travel is offering a remarkable discount between 30% – 70% this Black Friday on travel packages such as Sydney Discovery, Sweet as North New Zealand, Road to Marrakech and Las Vegas to Los Angeles trips. For all travel enthusiasts this an opportunity of a lifetime!

In addition to the above, there are discounts on world-renowned retail stores including Walmart and Amazon.


Are you ready?!

Best Black Friday Deals Canada – Editor’s Picks

Editors’ recommend the following to shop for during Black Friday sales, come 23rd of November 2018.

  • Best In 4K TVs

If you were to talk about the future of television, the answer is 4K TVs. Black Friday Deals Canada is no exception. You can browse for 4K TVs during this shopping fiesta.

  • HDTV

HDTV is another set of televisions that you can benefit from. On Black Friday Deals Canada the selection for an HDTV is no longer a hassle.

  • Macbooks and Surface Pro

Laptops have come a long way. There are MacBooks and Surface Pro in the market today. So which laptop personality type are you? Decide and benefit from the hardware which best suits you.

  • Gaming Headsets and Controllers

Any gamers’ most trusted companion is a gaming headset and/ or controllers. So what are you waiting for!? Black Friday Deals Canada is here!

Best Electronic Black Friday Deals In Canada

Electronic items are perhaps the most sought-after products on a day when sales/discounts go live. Below you will find some of the best electronic deals this Black Friday Deals Canada.

  • TVs

New models come out every day and to be able to keep tabs on what’s latest in TVs can be a tiring task. On top of it, you then have to know features that each manufacturer boasts about such as whether to buy LG’s Color Master Engine or should a person settle for Samsung’s PurColour etc. Put all that to rest by clicking here.

  • Gaming Laptops

Nothing satisfies the hunger of a gamer than a decent gaming laptop. By decent we mean, pocket-friendly and with all the right specifications to run new games. Gamers’ biggest challenge is to find the correct set of laptop hardware for gaming while at the same time figuring out the budget to go with it. Check out the following link.

  • Headphones/Headsets

What if you miss out on that important audio cue from your Fortnite comrade? Because that would mean winning over losing and helping your squad climb up the ranks. This is where quality headphones/headsets factor in, for an immersive experience such as locating where that sniper shot came from.

And not just for Fortnite but also when you want to listen to the best in music! More here.

  • Speakers

Speakers comprise of both computer and multimedia speakers. So if you are seeking to buy wireless/Bluetooth speakers at affordable prices then look no further than this.

  • Gaming Consoles

Buy from your favorite consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and many more

  • Smart Home

Also referred to as Home Automation, it controls lights to your house, entertainment systems, and other appliances in addition to control of alarms. Browse for Smart Home products from this link.

  • Smartphones

Do we need a reason to buy smartphones? Not really, right? Here are smartphone deals for Black Friday.

  • Wearables

Wearable technology is the latest trend and multiplies with each passing day. These items allow for the ease of wearing them on clothes or on the body as accessories.

And if you are not down with these deals on Black Friday, we have more in the text which follows. So keep on reading.

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Mindblowing Airline Black Friday Deals Canada

Black Friday travel deals are also in full swing and Canada has become quite famous for its airlines such as Air Canada, Porter Airlines and WestJet. Below you will find Black Friday Deals Canada for airlines.

  • Air Canada

The airline offers 15% off on destinations all over the world this Black Friday

  • WestJet

On Black Friday, one-way fares to all Canadian destinations are just for $99.

  • Porter

For Black Friday, you can avail one-way flight fares, starting from $105 CAD on Porter Airlines.

  • Air Transat

On all Air Transat destinations, Black Friday brings you the offer to book your vacations at 50% off.

Refer to the chart below for a better understanding of flight fares. But please note, prices are subject to change depending on the availability of bookings.

Flight Chart


Crazy Black Friday Deals Canada On Clothing

Clothing is essential and there is no shortage of discounts on them. Here’s a list of clothing brands which you can count on, this Black Friday.

  • Forever 21

You can expect deals to start from $8 and in totality, can avail up to 50% in discounts on both Forever 21’s online and physical stores.

  • H&M

H&M Black Friday Deals Canada brings 25% off on all items available both in online and offline stores.

  • Urban Outfitters

As of now, there are no deals finalized from Urban Outfitters on Black Friday Deals Canada. Yet you can expect (keeping in account their previous track record) discounts off up to 50% on clothing. So brace yourselves for the announcement!

  • Victoria’s Secret

Again, items that are going to be on sale are yet to be announced for Victoria’s Secret. However, given brand’s history, expect up to flat 5o% off on bralettes and sports bras with free tote bags to go with on purchases over $75.

Furthermore, you can look for discounts in the following product categories.

  • Toddler Boys Clothes

Sale on toddler boys sweater, pants and jackets are on sale this season and you can avail varying discounts on all of them

  • Women’s Clothing

Nylon vests, tees, and jeans are available for women at amazing discounts.

  • Boys Clothing

You know how boys are, fun-filled and adventurous and this Black Friday Deals Canada sales will suit their every style, be it skinny jeans, hoodies or cardigans.

  • Men’s Fashion

Discounts on men’s fashion are available such as on sweaters, jeans, jackets, and khakis. So grab them at special prices and contribute in marking the unofficial start to the holiday season this Black Friday.

  • Girl Clothes

Girls want something which is latest, mostly pink (in color) and just downright fashionable. Get discounts on girl clothing with Black Friday Deals Canada!

  • Plus Size Clothing 

Plus size is the new fashion statement and nothing to be ashamed of. There are plus size models and no wonder there is demand for plus size clothing. Hence, you can avail different discounts on sweaters, hoodies, and jeans – all of them which are plus size.

  • Newborn Girl Clothes

Newborn girls are perhaps the cutest creatures on the planet and you can browse from bodysuits, moccasins, leggings, and coats for your newborn baby girl, meanwhile enjoying great discounts on them.

  • Baby Girl Clothes

You can shop for your baby girl clothes on Black Friday Deals Canada and can select from jackets, leggings, and vests.

So be prepared, the deals won’t last forever!

Black Friday Deals Canada For Women

Women have a particular taste in fashion and a Black Friday without emphasis on women’s fashion is not possible. Black Friday Deals Canada for women currently include T-shirt dresses, tie-belt jackets, swing tops, and long sleeve stripe dresses, in addition to jeans and pants for up to 33% off.

For teenage girls, the list has floral tier skirts, printed tier, and waist dresses. Clothing for toddler girls is on sale too this Black Friday. Buy from puff sleeves, cape T-shirts, flippy skirts, hoodies, jeggings and sweaters for your toddlers because they will one day become grown women and it’s time that you set them up for best in clothing early on.

Discounted prices on Black Friday is what people drool over. Women are also driven by discounts on jewelry and accessories. During this season women can avail stellar discounts on rings, brooches, bangles and what not at 30% flat!

Ever Wondered Why It Is Called Black Friday?

According to Wikipedia, it is said that retailers used to record profits in their ledgers in black ink and the losses in red. Since Black Friday Deals Canada brings in a ton of profits for the retailers it is only relevant to call the day a Black Friday. The term spread like a wildfire and before you know it, everyone was cashing on it.

Some Tips For Black Friday Deals Canada

These tips are hacks, to be honest, and although there are no guarantees you can still benefit from them. To begin with, you can look for store maps. Instead of visiting the store and searching for desired items, look online and that way you can always be sure of where to find the desired item once you enter the store. It can save you a lot of your valuable time when others are busy trying to locate where to find a particular item.

On Black Friday sales, people spend nights outside of the retail outlets and will stand in line for countless hours to grab the best deals as soon as they can. You can cut to the chase by asking your local store by calling them. Ask them where they will be handing out discount vouchers as in at which stall or where to stand in line when the sales are live!

We all know, how limited are flash sale items, and in order to be ahead of the curve, you need to get on top of it. For an item which is worth $25o and the count is 20, you can go to the counter and show the voucher by availing at the said price. Vouchers for 20 TV sets, for instance, will only be given to a 20 few. After which there will be no vouchers and thus, no more television sets at that price!

Plan for what’s more important to you. This planning will help you decide which items require your undivided attention and on which you cannot comprise. Not all stores can be visited (as it is not practically feasible on Black Friday) and similarly, not all items can be purchased. Hence, it is better to have a list of items set priority wise.

Always be on the lookout for big vouchers as with them you can save money on a bunch of items. Sometimes, even thousands of dollars on a combined set of products. If you are shopping in a group, do not go to the same store all at once but instead, spread out to different stores. Stay in touch and that way you will be able to coordinate and figure out where to make your time last a while on Black Friday Deals Canada.

It also advisable to check for Price Matching Policy. With that in mind, it may be possible that the store where you are standing in long queues at, it may be, that item is sold at the same price on an outlet where there is no lengthy queue(s).

You can also buy an item in advance and get it adjusted on a Black Friday. While you may not find retail store owners very welcoming when it comes to adjusting prices or when you attempt to refund/re-purchase but still, you can try your luck. This usually applies to items such as electronics and other gadgets.

You’re welcome!

Also, this is quite a misnomer that brick and mortar establishments have the best in Black Friday Deals Canada offers whereas that is not the case.

When you order online you can subtract the hassle of standing in lines and having to walk through different aisles. Browse from the comfort of your couch and you’re all set to avail discounts on Black Friday.


All in all, Black Friday Deals Canada is a spectacle that you CANNOT miss out! It is one of the busiest days primarily due to shopping and also because it is a Thanksgiving holiday. But beware, amidst the celebrations, you must not risk getting your credit card information compromised or financial data, for that matter.

During these days, identity theft is also a common malpractice which affects the public at large. So while you can shop all you want but, at the same time, stay sharp and remain wise.

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How to install Kodi VPN – A Complete Guide On The Best VPN for Kodi (Updated – 2018)

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open-source media player software application which allows its users to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music, podcasts, and videos from the internet, as well as all common digital media files from local and network storage media – and it’s totally free. But first, what is Kodi VPN?

What is Kodi VPN?

A Kodi VPN is an encryption tool that safeguards your online privacy and identity. An example of a VPN for Kodi would be Ivacy itself which is by a mile, the safest and the easiest choice to dodge geo-restricted walls to stream Kodi channels and at the same time securing your privacy from copyright advocates. While many channels are easily accessible for free however most US and UK-based streaming channels, for example, ESPN and BBC iPlayer, as well as live TV, is blocked.

The natural way to get around that region blocking issue is to use a Kodi VPN. Activating your VPN before running the Kodi app allows you to surf movies and TV shows without being blocked by region restrictions.

Another common issue with Kodi users is that they, more often than not, end up getting a notice for streaming. That’s because of the status of Kodi’s addons. We will discuss that a bit later in the coming section but the point is, the users of Kodi often have to use an anonymous VPN service with their Kodi device or app to make sure their data is totally encrypted and so, they’re protected from being sniffed out and as a result, safe from any legal or any sort of notice.

Is Kodi Legal?

The most asked question on the internet and the answer to it, is yes, Kodi is legal, absolutely legal. That being said, there are technicalities. The problem arises with the open source nature of Kodi and from where the streaming content is coming from.

Although there are various different Kodi addons to stream content from, not all add-ons are official. If a user is sticking to the official Kodi add-ons, that is absolutely legal. On the contrary, 3rd-party add-ons offer free content from several sources that are deemed illegal in a lot of countries since users can use those add-ons to stream latest movies and TV shows.

And since Kodi is open source with most 3rd-party add-ons coming from sources other than the official, shutting down these third-party add-ons is somewhat impossible. So, whenever authorities or bodies have stepped up to take down a repository or an add-on, another substitute addon rises up in a jiffy.

And so, Kodi itself is entirely legal, but questions are always raised about how the aforementioned third-party add-ons provide streaming content.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Kodi?

A Kodi VPN add-on is required to make the most out of Kodi and to experience infinite streaming. It will double the entertainment already offered by Kodi. Next are the reasons why a VPN for Kodi is necessary:

  • Stay out of the radar authorities, including the DMCA.
  • Overcome speed limitations
  • Using a VPN for Kodi safeguards your online privacy and personal information and streaming preferences
  • Unblock geo-restricted streaming add-ons such as Made In Canada, Channel 7, BBC iPlayer, Hulu Plus, ESPN and hundreds of other global TV channels
  • Gain unrestricted access to any channel on Kodi, from any location and unblock shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones, UFC Pay-Per-Views, Netflix’s House of Cards, Arrow, Doctor Who, Stranger Things etc.
  • Avoid NSA, GCHQ, and Mossad surveillance plus snooping from other state agencies
  • Allows installation of otherwise blocked add-ons

Can you use Kodi without VPN?

VPN is not a prerequisite for Kodi which means yes, one can easily use Kodi without a VPN. Though, it is highly recommended to use a VPN for Kodi to safeguard your online privacy and security. While using the Kodi platform you are heavily engaging with quite a lot of third-party add-ons, which contains a risk of copyright issues. Similarly, ISPs and copyright advocates tend to monitor your internet traffic and track you down.

Likewise, Kodi because of its open-source nature is defenseless to cyber attacks. As a result, the information you put in Kodi is able to get in the hands of hackers. Considering the said risks, it is advisable not to use Kodi without a Kodi VPN.

How to use VPN with Kodi?

Every so often you would encounter an inaccessible add-on on Kodi. That is because geo-restrictions do not allow anyone outside of a chosen location from streaming content on certain add-ons. Nevertheless, with the help of a VPN for Kodi, you can stream geo-blocked add-ons like a breeze.

Going around and evading geo-restrictions on Kodi by using a VPN for Kodi is very similar to unblocking websites on your internet browser. All you require is connect to a server the addon is accessible from and stream unblocked content. Here’s what we did:

  • Tried accessing the BBC iPlayer addon to stream content without a VPN connection and got the error
  • To overcome this error, we launched Ivacy
  • Entered the login credentials
  • Selected a server in the UK and hit connect
  • Made sure that the protocol was set to PPTP or IKEv2 for unblocking and security
  • Then after a successful connection launched Kodi
  • We were finally able to access the geo-blocked addon and enjoy streaming!

How to Install VPN on Kodi (OpenELEC Krypton – Kodi VPN Raspberry Pi)?

Ivacy offers its exclusive OpenELEC VPN add-on for Kodi. Just follow these steps to setup VPN on Kodi:

  1. Launch Kodi and go to Settings > File Manager
  2. Now double click Add Source
  3. When a box appears, click on None > enter the URL:> click Done > Give a name to the add-on (for instance Kodi-addon) > Click Done > Click OK
  4. Go back to Kodi home screen
  5. Click on Add-ons > then Add-on Browser (the package box icon located at the top-left corner) > Install from zip file > Kodi-addon >
  6. Wait for the repository to install (it may take few minutes)
  7. Once the add-on is installed, go to Program Add-ons > Ivacy Monitor OpenVPN > Add-on Settings
  8. A box will appear, enter your Ivacy credentials (username and password)
  9. To change the server location, click on “Change or disconnect VPN connection” and select the server location of your choice and it will connect automatically
  10. Congratulations, you are now ready to use Ivacy Kodi add-on

How to Install VPN on Kodi (OpenELEC Isengard – Raspberry Pi)?

Ivacy offers its exclusive OpenELEC VPN add-on for Kodi, including prior builds like Isengard (15.0 onwards). Just follow these steps to configure VPN on Kodi

  1. Launch Kodi and go to Settings > File Manager
  2. Now double click Add Source
  3. When a box appears, click on None > enter the URL:> click Done > Give a name to the add-on (for instance Kodi-addon) > Click Done > Click Ok
  4. Go back to Kodi home screen
  5. Click on Add-ons > then Add-on Browser (the package box icon located at the top left corner) > Install from zip file > Kodi-addon >
  6. Wait for the repository to install (it may take few minutes)
  7. Once the add-on is installed, go to Program Add-ons > Ivacy Monitor OpenVPN > Add-on Settings
  8. A box will appear, enter your Ivacy credentials (username and password)
  9. To change the server location, click on “Change or disconnect VPN connection” and select the server location of your choice and it will connect automatically
  10. Congratulations, you are now ready to use Ivacy Kodi add-on

How to install/setup Kodi VPN on Firestick /Fire TV?

By the means of a compatible VPN for Kodi Firestick, Amazon Fire TV users can relish unlimited geo-restricted content on Amazon Fire TV. After setting up Kodi on Firestick /Fire TV, next thing to do is unblock all the restricted content and accessing limitless action, adventure, Live TV, documentaries and sports channels on Kodi.

Setting up a VPN over Firestick or Fire TV requires you to configure the VPN over your router. That’s it really. You can refer to the router section of this post to learn how you can configure Ivacy over your DD-WRT router. Note that configuring VPN over router may slightly vary from one VPN/Router provider to another.

Once the VPN is configured over your router, all you’ll have to do is just fire up your firestick and start streaming all the movies and TV shows uninterrupted and anonymously.

How to install/setup Kodi VPN on Windows?

By equipping your streaming device directly with a Kodi VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and secure your online privacy at the same time. Setting up a Kodi VPN for Windows is as easy as ABC. Before it begins, start by downloading a VPN on your system.

When downloaded, install it and after installation, activate the VPN app. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Search for Kodi on the Microsoft store and download the Windows Kodi app
  2. Next, go to this link, scroll down and Install Ivacy on your Windows
  3. Now, sign up for an Ivacy subscription
  4. Enter login details > open Kodi > stream movies and TV shows!

Upon successful Kodi VPN setup on Windows, you have unleashed unlimited entertainment. Go to the Kodi console, install your favorite channel add-ons and keep streaming. You will be able to access all channels restriction-free in premium HD Quality for selected channels and at super-fast speed.

How to install/setup Kodi VPN for Mac?

  1. Go to this official link and get Kodi for Mac
  2. Sign up for an Ivacy subscription
  3. Go to this link, scroll down and Install Ivacy on your Mac device
  4. Enter login details > open Kodi > stream movies and TV shows!

How to Setup Kodi VPN through DD-WRT Routers?

Instead of equipping each device individually with a Kodi VPN, setting up a VPN on routers offers a greater advantage. Through that, not only will you be able to go fully uninterrupted, you’ll also be able to secure each device connected to that router including your laptop and smartphone. In the below demonstration, we will be showing you how to setup Kodi VPN on any DD-WRT router. (Note that the following methods are meant for DD-WRT and Tomato Routers. For other routers get in touch with our chat team. For detailed method on how to configure VPN on DD-WRT routers, check out the linked support page.)

  1. Register to Ivacy
  2. Flash DD-WRT on your router
  3. Create DD-WRT Password
  4. Set the Time Zone on your DD-WRT page
  5. Setup SSIDs for each of the channel on your router
  6. With the help of WPA2 encryption, secure your wireless channels
  7. Enter Ivacy credentials
  8. Consider changing your IP Address to
  9. Before you reset cable modem, try connecting LAN port from primary router to a WAN port of VPN router
  10. Use internet and check whether this process has worked

The demonstration below shows how to setup Kodi VPN on Tomato routers using PPTP protocol.

  1. Launch Tomato router control panel and log in
  2. Navigate to Basic > then Network from the left panel
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the Connection Type
  4. Now enter the login credentials of your VPN service
  5. Do ensure that Use DCHP and Use Default Gateway on Remote Network are checked
  6. Enter the server address you want to connect to PPTP Gateway
  7. Select Keep Alive for the Connection Mode from the drop-down menu
  8. Now check if the MTU is set to default and your LAN or Wireless Settings are also set to default
  9. In addition, don’t change Subnet Mask or Options field
  10. Scroll down to the page and hit Save

Your VPN connection should now be up and running

Note: Although, VPN connection via router will encrypt your internet traffic and anonymize you, the address you configure on router level will not be able to unblock every geo-restricted addon. To unlock those geo-restricted addons you will have to change the server’s address again.

How to install/setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and more iOS Devices?

When talking about Apple’s iPhone and iPad, what rings in mind are its top features, stylish design, high-grade security and extravagant looks. But, when bringing Kodi into the equation with iPhone and iPad, accessing popular channels and media content is simply impossible, thanks to geo-restrictions. Therefore, we provide you with an easy setup process below that will help you to install the best Kodi VPN on iPhone and iPad.

Upon successful Kodi VPN installation on an iOS device, your device would become a one-stop shop for unblocked on-demand streaming content from around world.

How to setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices:

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy subscription
  2. From App Store download and install Ivacy Kodi VPN on your iOS device
  3. After installation, launch Ivacy, go to servers’ list and connect to your choice of server
  4. Finally, launch Kodi on iPhone or iPad and enjoy unrestricted access to channels and add-ons, previously blocked

How to install/setup VPN for Kodi Android?

When using Kodi on Android devices, Kodi VPN for Android provides a better, safer streaming experience as you bypass restrictions and stream your favorite content without the fear of any notice or action. While ISPs and copyright authorities are always on the look and spying over your online activities, a VPN for Kodi makes you appear anonymous and protects you from prying eyes over the internet with the help of leading-edge split tunneling and super-secure encryption.

Here’s how to install Kodi VPN on Android:

  1. First, download the Android Kodi app by going to the Play store
  2. After that, Sign up for an Ivacy subscription
  3. Download and install the Ivacy Kodi VPN app for Android from Play store
  4. Launch Ivacy, connect to any of the  275+ servers in 100+ locations
  5. Launch Kodi on Android and enjoy unrestricted access every media content

VPN Manager Kodi for OpenVPN – Kodi VPN Setup

When seeking to set up a VPN directly on Kodi through an addon, use VPN Manager for OpenVPN add-on. The add-on sponsors multiple VPN service providers and you can use the service from within Kodi. You will have to download and install the OpenVPN GUI software. Then download the executable OpenVPN files from your VPN provider. Once you are through these processes, just follow these steps:

  1. Download Zomboided Repository from GitHub onto your system
  2. Launch Kodi
  3. Go to Add-ons
  4. Now click on the ‘Add-on browser’ icon (the package box icon) location at the top left corner
  5. Select Install from zip file
  6. Navigate to the location where you downloaded Zomboided Repository zip files
  7. You will see a notification in the top right corner once the add-on is added
  8. Now click on Install from repository
  9. Go to Zomboided Add-on Repository > Services > VPN Manager for OpenVPN
  10. Install the add-on and wait for Add-on enabled notification
  11. Now open the add-on (for first-time users, click on OK when a popup appears to configure a VPN)
  12. Go to Add-on Settings
  13. Under the VPN Configuration, select the VPN Provider you want to setup
  14. Enter the username and password
  15. Now go to VPN Connection tab and select First VPN connection (optionally used to auto connect during boot)
  16. Choose the server you want to connect
  17. You can add more VPN connections by entering the servers (maximum 10 default servers are allowed)
  18. Click OK and enjoy VPN connection

How to Add Channels on Kodi?

Similar to several other open-source platforms, Kodi as well does not come pre-loaded with a channel library. Setting up channels on Kodi is another thing to know.

In order to experience the best streaming on Kodi, users are required to install add-ons manually. Mentioned below are the simple steps guiding you to add channels to your Kodi device.

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. In the main menu, scroll to Videos from the left pane. You will be able to see “File”, “Playlists” and “Video add-ons”. Click on Video add-ons button
  3. Upon clicking Video add-ons a window with various add-ons will appear
  4. Scroll your cursor to the lower-left corner of the screen and tap on options icon
  5. On the options panel, click Get More. Upon loading, you will be exhibited with numerous broadcasting channels that allow you to stream online. Select the channel you wish to add to your Kodi library. For example, I have selected 1Channel
  6. In the add-on installation dialogue box, click on Install
  7. The channel add-on will download itself, and you will see a tick mark on the channel’s name
  8. Once it’s installed, click Open
  9. The channel’s content is now ready for streaming. Select a program and enjoy!

Channel1 was just an example. In addition to Channel1, you can stream many channels on Kodi simply by installing the add-ons as described in the manner above. Premium channels include ESPN3, Fox News, ET Canada, BBC, and on demand, NFL Game Pass, Disney Channel amongst numerous others.

To sum up

Kodi media player has become the impeccable home of entertainment, offering movies, TV shows, live sports, and live IPTV channels. With the support of third-party Kodi add-ons, you are capable to stream the latest media content. However, when accessing several channels on Kodi, users face obstacles such as geo-restrictions and internet censorship barriers. With the help of a Kodi VPN, users can unblock those barriers and experience uninterrupted streaming at all times.

To straightaway bypass the restrictions and watch unrestricted blocked content on best Kodi add-ons, use Ivacy VPN for Kodi which is the top Kodi VPN provider. With a range of 275+ servers located in 100+ locations of the world, Ivacy is the best VPN for Kodi 2018.

var VUUKLE_EMOTE_SIZE = “60px”;




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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2018/11/08

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 8, 2018

— deaf candidate wins a local election

Matthew Sampson, who is deaf and represents the
Democratic Socialists of America political party,
was elected as an Advisory Neighborhood
Commissioner in the District of Columbia.
His job is to collect complaints and issues
from ward residents for action and review
by the DC council and government. Examples are
road potholes, uncollected trash, unfair
parking tickets, neighborhood harrasment, etc.
It is believed he is the first deaf candidate
to win an election of any kind in the District
of Columbia.


— The National Hotline for Voter Complaints and the deaf

The National Hotline for Voter Complaints said it received
more than 20,000 complaints during the Election Day.
Many of the complaints came from the deaf.


— deaf people moving away from small towns

There have been some deaf people moving away from
small towns. Reason? Lonely social lives? No! Lack
of employment opportunities? No! Big reason is lack
of interpreters. Even with video relay services and
video remote interpreting, deaf people prefer one on
one interpreting, not easily available in small towns
but more available in bigger cities.



Deaf jobs – latest update

11/04/18 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2018/11/07

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 7, 2018


— a new event many of us never heard of

Allies Conference? What is it? It will be an
event taking place next year in New Hampshire.
It is being sponsored by the New Hampshire
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.
This event started in 1995 and continued for
several more years until it was stopped.
It is being revived. Deaf people, Codas and
interpreters are being encouraged to attend.
Theme? Just issues, issues and issues that
deaf people deal with – and friendly debates
by these groups are encouaraged. Two groups
were not mentioned – the oral deaf and the
hard of hearing! They should be invited
as their viewpoints are important.


— common complaints by deaf that ride public transportation

In Vancouver, the bus has a digital display that shows
the next stops. But the city trolley does not have a
digital display. And also the city railroad network
lacks this same digital display. This is a problem in
all cities where old trolleys and old railroads lack
up-to-date, state-of-art innovations that help the deaf.


— have to deal with uncomfortable situations

In a newspaper interview, a deaf person told the
reporter that deaf people are always in uncomfortable
situations every day. It is something that deaf people
don’t like but are pretty much used to it.



Deaf jobs – latest update

11/04/18 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:


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7 November Open Thread!

We recently hired a new college graduate. I am a little thrown by her using phrases sincerely that I would only make with a hint (or more) of irony. I don’t know what to do with “woot” when it’s just a genuine expression of happiness.

I guess my question is, is this confusion how the olds feel when I use “rad”?


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2018 Midterm Election Thread

Game on, boys and girls! It’s election day, and the polls have closed in half the states.

Kindly note that this is an election thread. Keep on topic or kindly shuttle your ass to the open thread below.

I’m headed to Drinking Liberally now, so surprise me with your insights in the comment thread.

6:01: Well…at least Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) has won!

6:04: Beto still leads by a hair. And Klobuchar (D-MN) has won.

6:05: Looks like Felons in Florida are going to be able to help elect the next President!

6:07: Cool…I am just getting caught up here after arriving at DL. Hey…a D is leading in NE for Gov? Interesting.

6:16: My early assessment is that this is not really a blue wave. More like a blue splash. There are some very pleasing results, like Ted Cruz trailing a punk rocker–Ted Cruz is a weasely punk. But many races are going, more or less, as expected.


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