Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

Late Show exclusive trailer: Steven Seagal’s Special Envoy.

The Atlantic: Video can create a just society.

Stephen: The GOP Congressman who broke the law at a picnic.

Lauren Mayer: My favorite Jill’s pins.

Jimmy Fallon: Spike Lee on how today’s political climate mirrors real-life history of BlacKkKlansman.

Samantha Bee: Pregnancy discrimination.

Jimmy Dore: Chris Christie’s family still thinks he’s Governor.

Jonathan Mann: Twitter is the wrong place.

Real Engineering: Designing a perfect airport runway.

Late Show: Ronda Rousey defeats America’s enemies.

Vox: How reliable is fingerprint analysis?

WaPo Opinion: Banning Alex Jones isn’t a violation of the First Amendment.

Trevor and Roy Wood, Jr.: Franklin’s 50th Peanuts anniversary.

Why 10% of Floridians can’t vote.

Stephen: Tuck Buckford will not be silenced.

The Dotard Трамп and His “Best” Criminals, Imbeciles and Space Cadets:

Vox: How “levee wars” are making floods worse.

WaPo: How Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) allegedly tipped off friends and family in insider trading scheme.

Chris Hayes: FCC lied about being under cyber attack.

Physics Girl: The projector illusion.

Our Cartoon President: Alex Jones addresses ban:

Ronny Chieng brings Stephen a ‘Colbert Report’ souvenir.

Jim Jefferies: 3D-printed guns are only a few clicks away.

The Atlantic: #MeToo and sexual harassment in the government.

Trevor interviews Geogia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D).

Vox: What a new Supreme Court means for abortion.

Jimmy Kimmel: The week in unnecessary censorship.

WaPo: Who is Rashida Tlaib?.

Stephen: Senator Cory Booker is running in 2020…for something.

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Open Thread!

Thank you for asking, I am enjoying my vacation.


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Police Arrest 16-year-old Girl After Body Of Missing Boy Found Hidden Inside Home

DENVER, CO – Police have taken a 16-year-old girl into custody in connection to the death of a 7-year-old boy who was found dead on Tuesday.

Jordan Vong was reported Monday afternoon after he went missing in his neighborhood. Police searched a 20-block radius but did not find the boy until Tuesday night.

That’s when police searched the family’s home and found Vong’s body. Police are not releasing any details regarding how the boy died, but did say the body was carefully hidden.

“It was intentionally concealed, and it took some time to find it,” said Joe Montoya, division chief of investigations.

The next morning, a 16-year-old girl was taken into custody on suspicion of first-degree murder after police said they found evidence connecting her to Vong’s death.

She is being held without bond and will be formally charged on Aug. 14.

Police have not released her identity because she is a juvenile and have not stated her relationship with Vong.

Interesting to note, however, was Montoya’s description of Vong’s family when he stated they were “cooperative to a point.”

GoFundMe page has been created to help raise money for Vong’s funeral. The creator of the fundraiser described Vong as the “sweetest and silliest little boy who had so much to offer.”

This article was written by Morbid for The Dreamin Demon – the Internet’s self-appointed buzzkill.


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Man’s Meth Missing, Officer Friendly Helps

CAYCE, SC – A man in South Carolina called police to his home to help him find his missing bag of meth.

I always thought Officer Friendly was a myth- some fairy tale they told you in elementary school, like Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny, or the Honest Politician.

Turns out Officer Friendly is real. A meth-head in Cayce, SC met him.

When the unnamed 24 year-old, who is a strong contender for Dumbest Criminal of 2018, went to indulge in his favorite narcotic this past Sunday, he was mortified to find that his meth was missing.

He could have taken this development as a warning from the Good Lord Above not to speed on Sunday, but he didn’t.

He could have run amok and gotten all stabby with the other denizens of his lair (the most popular response to missing meth), but he didn’t.

He could have even gone out and bought more meth. Nope.

You’d never guess what he did in a million years if the headline didn’t give it away.

He did what no right-minded Methdude would do: he called the cops to report the theft. And they came right over.

When the Officer Friendly squad arrived, he told them that he was down two grams and he wanted them to arrest “whoever the thief was.”

Well, he could have just misplaced the meth. They helped him look for it.

They looked high, they looked low. Nothing. Not a gram to be found anywhere, and not for lack of trying.

Just when everyone thought those grams were gone forever, a helpful woman in the house handed them a baggie of meth.

She had been hiding it from Methdude, she said, “so he wouldn’t use it.”

Problem solved, right? Missing meth found, and all is well with the world, right? Not so fast.

Methdude said it wasn’t his meth. Well, shit.

At this point, every cop I’ve ever met would have placed Helpful Woman under arrest for possession, and Methdude for maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of keeping or selling narcotics. Because meth.

There would have been resistance, chokeholds, maybe a taser deployment.

Not the Officer Friendly squad of the Cayce police department.

“Not your meth? All-righty then, we will be on our way, sir. Of course, we have to take the meth, you understand, in case we find the rightful owner.”

“Oh, yeah, man, that’s cool. I really appreciate y’all!”

“Happy to be of service! So sorry about the missing meth, do try to have a nice evening.”

“Y’all too! Be safe!”

No charges were filed.

Wonder what they would do if they found someone fucking a miniature pony?

This article was written by Old Man Metal for The Dreamin Demon – the Internet’s self-appointed buzzkill.


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Boy’s Shooting Linked To Decades Long Feud Between Three Florida Families

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The shooting of a 10-year-old boy has been linked to a decades long feud between three Florida families, say police.

Everyone has heard of the Hatfields and the McCoys.

The two families, who lived by the Big Sandy River along the modern-day border of Kentucky and West Virginia, engaged in a bloody 19th-century feud that lasted almost thirty years.

This feud is a well-known part of American folklore, and has become synonymous with internecine, interfamily hillbilly warfare. It ended with dozens killed and wounded on both sides of the affair.

It’s the kind of thing that you read about and think “Stupid hillbillies! I’m so glad we’ve evolved beyond that as a culture.”

Not in Florida, baby!

Florida has its own modern-day Hatfield-McCoy Feud, and while it takes place in an urban setting, the Northwest and Southwest neighborhoods in Delray Beach, it is just as bloody and just as stupid as the original.

Partisans siding with three longstanding Delray Beach families have been fighting since a 2009 nightclub dust-up, the cause of which no one even remembers any more, except for the vague recollection that there was a diss involved.

Specifically, members of the Johnson and Durham families are aligned against a third family that police have declined to name.

Up until May 2014, the feud was confined to smack-talking and fisticuffs. That all changed on May 8, 2014, when 23-year-old Pernell Devon “Poppa” James was shot; he would die shortly after. That’s when all hell broke loose.

Within hours, a Johnson family house just a block away was shot up. Three people were injured: a 54-year-old woman was shot in the hip, a 33-year-old man was cut by glass fragments, and a 5-year-old girl caught a bullet graze.

By the beginning of November 2014, there had been at least 10 shootings linked to the feud, one of which included a fatality. Two more kids were hurt; a 15-year-old boy was shot in the “upper leg” (usually a euphemism for the ass) and a six-year-old girl caught a slug in her foot.

Most of the shootings involved idiots firing into occupied houses.

Pastors, the police and community groups did everything they could to get the two sides to squash the beef. No dice. Victims wouldn’t even cooperate in most cases.

Things have continued to develop apace. At this point, the feud has been responsible for 46 shootings that have caused five fatalities and untold injuries. In 2018 alone, there have been seven victims.

Unlucky number seven for the year was shot on July 18th. It was another kid, this time a 10-year-old boy who was shot in the thigh when a typically-inaccurate drive-by missed two men standing in the front yard of a house and a slug punched through the front door, striking him.

His luck wasn’t all bad, though, as he was treated and released. He needs to go play the lottery.

Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers is soliciting tips regarding the most recent shooting. That seems to be about all they can do, since this passel of morons is hell-bent on destroying each other, and don’t give the first good goddamn about innocent bystanders.

All we DD dwellers can do is signal our disapprobation.

Fuckheaded feuding Florida families, we salute you!

With one finger.

This article was written by Old Man Metal for The Dreamin Demon – the Internet’s self-appointed buzzkill.


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Man Shot Another Man In The Ass After Political Disagreement On Facebook

TAMPA, FL — A man got so angry during a political disagreement that he drove to the other man’s house and shot him in the ass.

It happened Monday night after 44-year-old Brian Sebring and 46-year-old Alex Stephens got into a political argument that seems to be the norm these days.

Sebring was not happy about Stephens’ messages, nor did he like the threats Stephens was allegedly sending him.

So instead of blocking him or calling police to report the alleged threats, Sebring made the totally rational decision to visit Stephens at his house two miles away. Armed with a Glock and an AR-15.

After pulling into Stephens’ driveway and honking his horn, Stephens came out of his house to confront Sebring.

Sebring responded by pulling out his Glock and firing at Stephens, hitting the man in the thigh and the ass. Sebring then turned himself in to police.

Stephens was taken to Tampa General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries while Sebring was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed firearm.

Exactly what the two were arguing about has not been revealed and is not evident on their pages. I started doing some digging but quickly realized a really didn’t give a shit.

Take it away, commenters!

This article was written by Morbid for The Dreamin Demon – the Internet’s self-appointed buzzkill.


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Masturbating Bicyclist Shot By Woman In Houston Neighborhood

HOUSTON, TX – A man masturbating while riding a bicycle was shot by a woman after he tried entering her home.

This must be the week of The Masturbators.

First we have a homeless guy in SC whipping his weasel at a 13-year-old-girl whose denser-than-lead mother left her home alone with him while she went to the store.

Now word comes out of Texas about a crazed masturbating bicyclist running amok in a Houston neighborhood.

That takes some serious coordination. This guy is a pro.

About 5:15 PM on Tuesday, around the time normal, productive members of society are coming home from a long day’s work, this assclown was freewheeling around the Golfcrest neighborhood, popping wheelies and copping feelies. On himself.

He was really enjoying himself, too, and who wouldn’t be! The refreshing rush of the breeze on his inflamed johnson, the delirium of the love tugs blurring his vision to a delightful kalidoscopic dazzle, the lyrics to his own special pervert’s version of Freebird soaring through his head.

Feelin’ GOOD, man.

And when you feel good, why, you want to share! Bicycle boy wanted a beat-off buddy.

He offered to share his love-delirium with a neighborhood resident who was taking out her trash. She declined.

He insisted, and tried to enter her house. She told him to get the hell out of Dodge, or she was going to get a gun and settle his hash.

Blissed out on bicycle love, he didn’t listen, so she REALLY took out the trash.

Retreating to her house, the resident retrieved a firearm and blasted the masturbator when he tried to open the door.

Finding himself with an extra hole in his chest, the man climbed back on the bike and rode a little ways down the street before collapsing.

Neighbors were supportive of the woman’s actions. “I would have done the same thing. Protect your family. She did what she had to do,” said one.

That support may have something to do with the fact that the Bike Perv had been arrested just a week ago for running around the same neighborhood naked. Folks get tired of that stuff really fast. I’m guessing the shooter had more than one “thank you” pie delivered to her house that night.

The bicyclist’s condition is unclear at this time.

Moral: public masturbation may be hazardous to your health, even though there’s no Surgeon General’s warning about it. Remember, you heard it at the Demon, not from some government flunky.

This article was written by Old Man Metal for The Dreamin Demon – the Internet’s self-appointed buzzkill.


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[Öpen þread]

The Mariners are slumping and The Sounders are not very good right now. And there’s a group of Seattle sports fans who are in the dumps. But OMGosh, y’all. Seattle has something special in sports right now and so many of you are missing it.

The Storm are having an amazing season. They’ve poised to get a bye in the first round of the WNBA playoffs. Jewell Loyd and Breanna Stewart are great. Sue Bird is having a renaissance.

And holy goodness, the Reign. Second place in the NWSL. Megan Rapinoe is a walking highlight reel, and the whole team are such fun to watch.


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How To Watch India vs. England Live for Free

Live Stream Test Cricket Matches with VyprVPN

Are you a cricket enthusiast? Are you frustrated with expensive TV subscription costs in the U.K., the United States and Europe? It’s time for you to learn more about how VyprVPN can help you live stream the cricket Test Series from anywhere in the world!

You can watch India vs. England and all your cricket matches for free. 100% Free. Even if there’s no official broadcast where you live or if the broadcast is limited to a paid service, there’s still a way to watch. VyprVPN provides you with an IP address from a country that does offer a free stream to pick up their live video feed – for this Test Series, our recommended country is India. Once you install VyprVPN, you can connect to our server in India and watch the Test Series live on Hotstar – as if you are sitting on your couch back in Mumbai.

Here’s how to watch England vs India, step by step:

  • Sign-up for VyprVPN and enjoy the 3 Day Free Trial.
  • Follow the instructions to download your VPN and launch the application on your preferred device(s).
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Choose the VPN server in Mumbai. VyprVPN also lets you select from over 70 other server locations around the world.
  • You’re all set! Watch India play without restrictions and at top speeds using VyprVPN!

But watching cricket isn’t the only thing you can do with VyprVPN. Browse the internet like you live in India so you can access all your favorite Bollywood movies and channels like ZeeTV, Sony, Star channels, Sun TV and much more.

Excited for more cricket matches? Check out India’s upcoming match schedule below. Be there when your team takes the field!


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Australia vs India – 1st T20I 


Australia vs India – 2nd T20I 


Australia vs India – 3rd T20I 


Australia vs India – 1st Test 


Australia vs India – 2nd Test 


Australia vs India – 3rd Test 


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Boy, 8, Begged For His Life Before His Father Slit His Throat

HOUSTON, TX – Two children cried and begged for their lives as their father brutally murdered them before calling his wife to say he’d left her a present.

On Saturday, Sabine Ntongo dropped 8-year-old Marcel Ndossoka and 1-year-old Anna-Belle Faith Ndossoka at their father’s apartment.

Ntongo had recently separated with the children’s father, 61-year-old Jean Pierre Ndossoka, after six years of marriage.

She was leaving the children with Ndossoka so he could visit with them while she went to work.

Later that day, Ndossoka began calling his estranged wife at her job, telling her he’d killed their kids and that he’d left her a present at his apartment.

When police arrived and made entry into Ndossoka’s apartment, they found his two children on his bed with their throats slit.

Officers also found a bloody knife and a note written by Ndossoka in which he states Ntongo would be the one to “carry the burden” of her children’s souls.

Ndossaka wasn’t at the scene when police arrived but was found the next day in his car suffering from a self-inflicted, but not life-threatening, gunshot wound.

He was taken to a hospital where he admitted he’d “done something bad.” First he said he strangled his children, but eventually admitted slitting their throats.

He also revealed his son begged for his life in the moments before he was murdered.

“Daddy, I’m sorry,” the boy told his father, according to court records. His 1-year-old sister “just kept crying,”

Ndossoka has been charged with two counts of capital murder.

This article was written by Morbid for The Dreamin Demon – the Internet’s self-appointed buzzkill.


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