Family Tortured Autistic Woman, Forced Her To Eat Ashes Of Her Dead Mother

AMITE, LA – Five family members have been charged after they subjected an autistic woman to a litany of abuses, including forcing her to eat the ashes of her dead mother.

The events you are about to read happened between 2015 and 2016. The family members accused have already been charged and are awaiting trial.

The reason why it is being so widely reported is because the indictment against them was just made public and lists the long, creative list of horrible things they allegedly did o the victim.

The victim is a 22-year-old woman (named only as D.P. in the indictment) who suffers from several disabilities, including severe autism.

D.P. lived with her mother and other family members at her mother’s mobile home until D.P.’s mother died in 2015.

Now left in the care of the remaining family members, D.P. was subjected to extreme abuse — both physical and mental — for the next year.

The family allegedly treated D.P. like an animal, forcing her to live in a cage outside that was covered by a tarp. She was forced to take painkillers and meth and was not fed until she performed various forms of manual labor.

If she did not comply with their demands, she was subjected to a variety of abuse that included beatings, being burned with a cigarette lighter, having human waste from a septic tank dumped on her, being shot with a BB gun.

In one instance, she was forced to eat spoonfuls of her dead mother’s ashes. Her tormenters reportedly laughed as she threw them back up.

The family also liked to force D.P. to take off her clothes and make sexual advances to men, including a man who cut their grass, a cable tv repairman, and a man who was at the home for a BBQ.

The list goes on and on. I could list it all but I got other shitheads to write about, so you are more than welcome to read it all here. These truly are a group of sick fucks, folks.

Police began investigating the family in June 2016 after someone called to report a woman living in a cage on the property. D.P. was immediately removed and placed in the custody of the state Department of Health and Hospitals protective services.

As for the accused family members… well, let’s just say karma is a bitch if the allegations against them are true. Here are the charges they are all facing:

Raylaine Knope, 42; her husband, Terry J. Knope II, 45; her 23-year-old son, Jody Lambert; and Terry’s 20-year-old daughter, Taylor Knope, face labor and housing law charges, along with kidnapping, human trafficking, cruelty to the infirmed and contributing to the delinquency of minors.

Raylaine and Terry are also charged with attempted sex trafficking of the victim as it is being alleged they planned to force D.P. into prostitution.

Terry has also been charged with a hate crime, for the BB gun incident, and a charge of theft of government funds for allegedly stealing D.P.’s disability benefits.

All four are facing possible life sentences if convicted.

Raylaine’s daughter Bridget Lambert, 21, is looking at a possible five years behind bars on forced labor conspiracy charges.

All five of the family members have pleaded not guilty to the charges. Their trial is scheduled for Aug. 13.

Terry Knope II, Raylaine Knope, Taylor Knope, Jody Lambert, Bridget Lambert

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