Man Accused Of Burying His Ex-Girlfriend’s 18-Year-Old Dog Alive

NORTHBRIDGE, MA – Police have arrested a man after they say he buried his ex-girlfriend’s dog alive.

Richard Piquard, 24, was caring for his ex-girlfriend’s 18-year-old Shih Tzu but reportedly had been trying to get rid of it for some time because it was not getting along with his new kitten.

Out of the numerous, humane options at his disposal, Piquard decided to torture the dog, named Chico, to death by burying it alive.

Piquard called a friend to tell her Chico had died the night before, but she was suspicious of his claims. She asked where he had buried Chico so she could dig him up and have him cremated.

After searching in the woods behind Piquard’s home with her fiancée, she found the spot where Chico was buried.

“So we began digging with a stick only to hit a rock,” Kaylee Belanger wrote on Facebook. “Hesitantly, I continued to move the dirt when we noticed fur. We uncovered a portion of Chico’s head. Only to realize that the rock was on top of him.”

Once the removed the rock off of Chico they realized, to their horror, that the dog was still breathing. He couldn’t move much due to a suspected dislocated disc in his neck, but he was definitely still alive.

“He was breathing and yelping and screaming in pain coated in dirt, his nose embedded with dirt it was horrible,” said Belanger.

Chico was rushed to Tufts Veterinary Hospital where they were able to revive him but due to the injuries to his neck that left Chico unable to walk, the decision was made to have him euthanized.

“The dog had been buried for approximately five hours,” said Northbridge Police Chief Walter Warchol. “In my 41 years I’ve never seen anything like this.”

If you want to see some pictures of Chico when he was found and while being treated at the vet, you can find some here.

Piquard was arrested on Sunday and charged with animal cruelty. He was later released on $1,000 cash bail.

Piquard reportedly told a friend that he thought the dog was dead when he buried it. Which explains why he needed to weigh it down with a rock, I guess. In case it was a vampire.

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