The Story of How Chinese Microchips Infiltrated US Companies

Cold War? Cyber War?

China vs. The US, don’t worry we are not teasing a war here, rather a report shared by Bloomberg. According to the said news agency, China has seemingly penetrated computers manufactured for the US. Oh, it’s a cyber war, alright!

China is known to have inserted tiny chips into computers meant to be shipped to the US. The companies in question are 30 in number, including Apple and Amazon.

Chances are that China has thus far been able to stay on top of every technology, corporate, and government secret of US. Amazon probed into the matter and discovered the use of malicious chips in the servers developed by one “Elemental technologies”.

Bloomberg’s Version

According to reports, a unit of Chinese People’s Liberation Army was responsible for this as it had infiltrated the shipment of computers that were directed for delivery to Super Micro Computer Inc.

From that point forward, it was the task of simply planting chips in equipment and plan to steal government and corporate information was in full swing.

It was further revealed that Elemental’s servers were assembled by none other than Super Micro Computer Inc. and while tainted small microchips were never part of the former’s design, however, they were this time around.

Amazon was quick to intimate US authorities in this regard and the authorities deciphered, that chips were designed in a manner which allowed for attackers to create a secret passageway into the servers/networks.

The White House, on the other hand,  has advised on enhancing their cyber warfare tactics in light of the recent attacks. Still, at this point, it is not clear whether The White House was aware of attacks of such nature earlier.

The story has repeated itself since back in the year 2015, it was Bloomberg (again) that reported of malicious chips in the Apple servers. The hardware vendor was the same Super Micro which is presently under question.

The said story was also corroborated by Apple’s very own company insiders, three to be exact but chose to remain anonymous. In the following year, Apple cut off all ties with its vendor, Super Micro.

Plot Twist

There is also an interesting twist to these revelations. Both Amazon and Apple have explicitly denied any such claims by Bloomberg. Amazon has investigated based on the findings by Bloomberg and has found nothing to substantiate the claim hacker microchips on previous occasions. Similarly, Apple disregards the 2015 “incident” as baseless.

Way Forward

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