Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

Stephen: Steve Kornacki looks into his midterms crystal ball.

Minute Earth: The secret weapon that could help save bees.

Lauren Mayer: Oh, Beto!:

Real Engineering: How we will colonise the moon.

Bill Maher: New Rule—Power begets power.

The Dotard Трамп and His Band of Rape Deniers:

Kurzgesagt: Why meat is the best worst thing in the world.

James Corden and Eric Idle: “We are probably all going to die’:

Now This World: The problem with the UN veto power

Supremely Boofed!

Jim Jefferies: All America wants is the most entertaining candidate.

Wendover: Why the world is running out of pilots.

Late Show conspiracy theories with Damon Wayans Jr..

The Atlantic: Can women’s anger save America?

Last week’s Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza can be found here.


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