DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2018/10/10

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 10, 2018

— Dragon Prince: choice between deaf and hard of hearing actress

Aaron Ehasz, not deaf, produced a Netflix fantasy –
Dragon Prince. He had a choice – use a sign language
deaf cartoon character wtih a cartoon interpreter
speaking out for her – or to use a hard of hearing
cartoon character that would sign and speak for herself.
He chose the deaf character with an interpreter character.


— hiring a language officer

A language officer was hired by a city council.
That officer will oversee various languages,
including sign language. His job is to make
sure all public announcements, visual displays,
and visual postings are announced in these
different languages. Language Police? Sort of!
That city council is Belfast City Council in
Northern Ireland; it didn’t say if the
language officer must be fluent in sign


— deaf poker player at World League Poker Championships

Richy Mackie, who is deaf, will be competing at Las Vegas’
World League Poker Championships. It is his third
participation at the championships. He plays poker
full time, saying “Poker has become somewhat more than
a hobby”



Deaf jobs – latest update

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