How to watch Oscars on Kodi for Free

On Sunday, February 24, 2019, all eyes will be on the 91st Academy Awards. As the most coveted award show is just round the corner, the excitement is already in the air. There are many people who would love to watch Oscars online, as they can’t make it to Dolby Theater, the location for Oscars 2019.

Then there are the Kodi users. And they just can’t wait to watch their favorite stars grab an Oscar Award of their own. All they want is to watch Oscars on Kodi – the biggest award show of the year. Actually, they have already started searching for ways to stream Oscars on Kodi.

Guide to watch Oscars on Kodi

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC is one of the most commonly used media devices to watch movies, TV shows, sports events etc. If you want to watch Oscars 2019 on Kodi with complete convenience, then you must use a fast, reliable and an affordable virtual private network (VPN), like Ivacy. It has got you covered.

Here’s how you can watch the Oscars on Kodi device.

  1. Subscribe for Ivacy VPN
  2. Set up Kodi VPN addon on Ivacy
  3. Connect with United States server
  4. Install any of the video add-ons mentioned below
  5. Stream Oscar Awards 2019 on Kodi

You will love Oscars Kodi live streaming experience like never before. Ivacy not only helps you unblock websites of your choice but also provides you with ultimate convenience and luxury to enjoy live streaming the Academy Awards on Kodi with ease.

Ivacy VPN offers user-friendly Kodi add-ons for the Oscars, enabling users to watch the whole Oscar Awards 2019 event in real time.

Kodi add-ons that will be streaming Oscars 2019

There are four Kodi add-ons by using which, the Kodi geeks can watch Oscars 2019 live. To watch Oscars 2019 on Kodi, you must first install fusion repository. The Kodi add-ons for Oscars include:


It is one of the most popular video add-ons available for Kodi users. Once the installation process is over, you must search for Phoenix in Video add-ons section. Click on it and you are good to go.

Warning: If you are streaming copyrighted content on Kodi then you might receive a DMCA notice. Get Ivacy VPN and stay totally anonymous while streaming on Kodi.

Here is a brief procedure for activation.

  1.  Wait for add-on enabled notification
  2. Go back to the main screen of Kodi
  3. Select ‘VIDEOS’ tab. Click on Add-ons option
  4. From the list, select Phoenix add-on
  5. Select ‘One242415’ option from the list
  6. Click on ‘AWARD SHOWS’ option on the list
  7. Select 90th Academy Awards 2019
  8. Wait for live streaming service to load
  9. Watch Oscars live on Kodi via Phoenix add-on

With Phoenix active, you can now stream the 91st Oscar Awards 2019 with ease.

USTVNow Plus

USTVNow is one of the best video add-ons that can facilitate Kodi users to watch their favorite award show right on their beloved device. It’s none other than USTVNow Plus add-on. Installing USTVNow Plus add-on on Kodi is relatively an easy task. After installation, you must wait for the steaming service to load.

Here’s how you can livestream Oscars 2019 on USTVNow Plus.

  1. Wait for add-on enabled notification
  2. Return to Kodi main screen
  3. Select ‘VIDEOS’ tab. Hit ‘Add-ons’ option
  4. Select ‘USTVNow Plus’ add-on from the list
  5. Click on ‘TV Guide (EPG)’ option
  6. From the grid, check the time and select your favorite program (Academy Awards 2019 in this case)
  7. Wait for the streaming service to load
  8. Stream the 90th Oscar Awards on Kodi via USTVNow Plus add-on

You are surely going to love watching Oscar event for the year 2019 on your Kodi device with the help of USTVNow Plus add-on.

WABC Programs

It is yet another video add-on available in Kodi repository. With WABC add-on, Kodi users can watch all their favorite programs, including Oscars 2019. Once it is installed, you can return back to Kodi main screen and search for this add-on by selecting Video add-ons section. Select WABC Programs from the list and wait for a few minutes. You can now live stream the most anticipated award show on Earth.

Here is a short five-step process for activation.

  1. Wait for add-on enabled notification
  2. Return to main Kodi screen
  3. Select ‘VIDEOS’ tab. Click on ‘Add-ons’ option
  4. From the list, select ‘WABC Programs’ option
  5. Select your favorite program (Oscars 2019 in this case)
  6. Wait for live streaming service to load
  7. Watch Oscars live on Kodi via ‘WABC Programs’ add-on


Another popular video streaming add-on available to Kodi users is 1Channel. Once you have installed 1Channel, you can find it in the Video Add-ons section on the main screen of Kodi. Once found, you have to click it and wait for a while, as the steaming service loads. Eureka! You have successfully installed 1Channel video add-on on your Kodi device. Enjoy the Oscars 2019 event to your heart’s content.

Check out a five-step procedure to activate this particular video add-on.

  1. Wait for add-on enabled notification
  2. Return to Kodi main screen.
  3. Select ‘VIDEOS’ tab. Click on ‘Add-ons’ option
  4. Select ‘1Channel’ option from the list
  5. Again, from the list, select ‘TV Shows’ option
  6. Click on ‘Genres’ option on the list
  7. Search for your favorite programs (2019 Academy Awards in this case).
  8. Wait for live streaming service to load
  9. Watch Oscars live on Kodi via ‘1Channel’ add-on

Once, any of the add-ons are installed,  you can livestream the much awaited Oscar Awards show on your beloved Kodi device without any fuss.

Watching Oscars on Kodi will be an exciting and memorable experience, that’s for sure. It’s time to bid farewell to all your worries and get ready to enjoy buffer free Oscar Awards live streaming on Kodi while resting on your comfortable and luxurious bedroom couch.

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