Cyberattack Attempt Made on Australian Parliament

Australian authorities have stated that they are investigating a hacking attempt on its parliament’s network. The parliament network is used by MPs and their staff members for emails, amongst other data.

For now, lawmakers have gone on record to state there is no evidence about information being accessed or stolen. However, politicians’ were advised to change their passwords immediately.

Cybersecurity experts in Australia suggested the attack originated from a foreign state. Meanwhile, the Australian PM, Scott Morrison, refused to comment on the nature or source of the cyberattack. He did state though that no government departments or agencies were compromised.

Senior lawmakers claimed there was no evidence suggesting the cyberattack attempt was aimed to influence or disrupt political or electoral processes.

This is not the first time the Australian government faced such a cyberattack, as it has dealt with several in recent years, out of which a few are attributed to nations like China, according to local media.

In 2015 and 2016, there were cyberattacks back-to-back on the government’s statistics and weather agencies. Senior Australian ministers’ email systems were also breached back in 2011.

Meanwhile, there are those that believe there is more to this breach than what is being told since there was news of a letter being drafted to demand the reinstatement of the Commonwealth or Australia would have no choice but to leave the British Empire.
Conspiracy theory or not, there is no denying the fact that such cyberattacks have increased in a short amount of time, and it seems as though they will continue to rise drastically. If individuals, businesses, and governments wish to prevent hackers and cybercriminals from having their way, they will need to adopt effective security measures, like using a VPN, to ensure they remain secure and anonymous at all times.

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