DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/04/10

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 10, 2019

— police arresting a deaf person six times without an interpreter

It is quite shocking that the sheriff’s office of
Jacksonville, Florida arrested a deaf person six
times without an interepreter. The fed up deaf
person filed a lawsuit. As a result, the department
has been trained on how to deal with the deaf.


— offering deaf person a job and taking it away

Rabbits love carrots and do not like it when
these are offered and then taken away. Same thing
with a deaf woman being offered a job to work in
a hospital cafeteria. She waited two months
for instructions to report to her new job
only to get a letter saying she was a risk.
She was considered a risk – “unable” to tell
patients on costs of cafeteria meals and to
“warn” them of temperature of drinks.
This story made the front pages of newspapers
in Great Britain. Fortunately for her
she found another job with a catering company.



— trapped and forced to smile and nod

There was a discussion on the internet about
hearing people assuming all deaf people are
lipreaders and assume that when they nod
and smile they “understand” everything.
No deaf person likes to be trapped into
a corner, with no way to get out of a
“unlipreadable” ordeal.


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