DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2019/04/17

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 17, 2019

— hearing actor defends playing a fake-deaf role

In a college publication, a hearing actor (obviously
a drama major) said that acting will always involve
pretending and there should not be a limit to the
make-believe. That hearing actor is wrong. Fake-deaf
actors usually sign ASL very badly and the deaf in the
audience would know it is fakery!


— an interesting venture for three deaf partners

Three deaf partners have come up with an interesting
venture. It is building a resort of small houses on a
25 acre forest plot in West Virginia, a long drive
from Washington, DC. They said wi-fi will be powerful
enough to penetrate the forest so that the renters
can stay connected to the world. This story was
published in a magazine.


— 4 rules for deaf-friendly web sites

A legal center outlined four rules to make web
sites deaf-friendly (and to avoid ADA lawsuits).
The web site must be easy to read and follow;
must be easy to use it; must be easy to
understand and follow the contents; must
be strong enough to withstand upgrades.



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