DeafDigest Gold – October 14, 2018

DeafDigest Gold – October 14, 2018
Gold Edition – updated every Monday
Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 22nd year

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This week’s ASL Videos in youtube:
list of upcoming Deaf National Events
Top stories about the deaf:
The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office (New Jersey)
will not file any criminal charges against the Paterson
police officers involved in a physical altercation
with a pepper spray with a deaf man. It was because
the deaf man attacked the police officers first,
forcing them to respond in an effort to subdue him.
The Pennsylvania State Education Department has
been awarded a $1.75 million grant to improve the
education services for deaf-blind students.
A civil war fact? It said that Eighty percent of Civil
War veterans who received a pension from the war were
awarded the funds because of a loss of hearing from
the cannon fire. Fact or an exaggeration?
There is a worry that the state of Michigan is not
equipped to deal with the growing deaf population
that are in need of services.
People are saying that the new federal law to
protect deaf and disabled travelers are a joke.
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Much have been written up this week about
deaf people knowing that they mispronounce their
    Not a big deal. The smarter deaf people know
certain words they cannot pronounce when talking
with the hearing people. Instead they use
certain words they know they can pronounce very
    And when hearing people understand these
words, they think the deaf person speaks
“very well.”  This is not true – this is just
a speech trick – avoid hard-to-pronounce words
and use easy-to-pronounce words!
This week’s ASL video in youtube
Unlock the phone with CapTel® Captioned Telephone
CapTel shows word-for-word captions of everything a
caller says over the phone, letting you read everything
that they say – Like captions on TV – for the phone!
Captions are provided at no cost to the user, with no
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CapTel® Captioned Telephone – See What Everyone is Talking About!
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    We have a few deaf physicians. All of them are afraid
of the masks that surgeons use while in the operating
    It is impossible for a deaf doctor to lipread other
doctors if masks hide their lips.
    For one deaf doctor, he was surprised when other
doctors told him that in the operating room they don’t
talk about the operation itself, but talk about sports,
dogs, weather, politics, etc!
This week’s ASL video in youtube
Rene Pellerin’s Corner:
There seems to be a debate on what to call support services for DeafBlind
Support Service Provider – SSP
Access Provider – AP
Intervenor – In Canada now spreading to school age DeafBlind students in the
Co-Navigator – recently came up to replace the above
There are probably more to come!  A lot has to do with the underlying
philosophy that terms imply.
For example, they say SSP is a sort of emotional support or “helper” view.
In general, there is a need to come up with a politically correct term to
replace SSP.
More discussion on this topic will continue!
Rene’s show business started in year 2010 and it focuses on the
You can email him at
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DeafDigest Blue – October 14, 2018

DeafDigest Blue – October 14, 2018
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 22nd year

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Last week’s ASL Videos in youtube
This week’s ASL videos in youtube
Top stories about the deaf:
One of the new businesses in Jordan is a flower
shop. The partners in that flower shop are deaf.
They use flat screen computers to communicate
with hearing customers.
The sponsor of a comic book event said interpreters
will be provided if advance notice is given.
Last minute hearing patrons do not have these
advance notice needs; not that so with the deaf.
New York City will give grants to small theaters
to make these accessible to the deaf (captions)
on smartphones and tablets.
The Kenya Deaf Community has petitioned the
Parliament to give deaf individuals jobs
in the public sector.
In Ibadan, one of Nigeria’s largest cities,
funding is scarce for Deaf Education services.
A group of deaf students are in protest.
Unlock the phone with CapTel® Captioned Telephone
CapTel shows word-for-word captions of everything a
caller says over the phone, letting you read everything
that they say – Like captions on TV – for the phone!
Captions are provided at no cost to the user, with no
monthly fees or contracts required.
For more information or to order call 1-800-233-9130
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CapTel® Captioned Telephone – See What Everyone is Talking About!
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Many deaf people complain about discrimination
at fast food drive in kiosks. They cannot use
voice for their hamburger orders.
    Hopefully this may change. There have been
McDonald’s employees at drive in kiosks,
taking orders in person instead of using
voice on kiosks.
    Maybe it is a way for McDonald’s to avoid
ADA lawsuits with deaf customers?
– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:
Lip reading tale
Two deaf people were talking with a hearing
friend in Pensacola Beach, Florida
Both deaf people got confused and thought
the hearing person either said:
both were the names of separate bars in
Pensacola Beach.
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    This is a nightmare. You have problems with cable
internet service. You contact the cable company through
internet relay to ask for assistance.
    The service representative advises you to disconnect
the router and then to reconnect it and to let him know
if it works.
    It is hard to explain to the customer service
representative that if you disconnect the router, the
relay call is disconnected. You explain this to him – and
he does not believe you because he thinks you are using
the TTY machine to contact him through the relay!
    This is a nightmare.
– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:
How long does a baseball game last?  What if there’s a rain delay?  What
if it goes into extra innings?  You may not realize that these are all
important questions that people who schedule realtime captioners need to
think about.
Can a captioner be scheduled to cover a 1:00 p.m. baseball game and a 6:00
p.m. news broadcast?  Most baseball games last about 3 hours, so you would
think that the captioner should be able to cover both assignments.
However, what if the game sets a new record?
In 1984, the Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers played a game that
lasted 8 hours and 6 minutes.  Actually, because of Major League Baseball
rules stating that an inning cannot begin after 12:59 a.m., the players
and fans had to come back on the next day to complete the game.
Could a captioner be scheduled to caption a half-hour news broadcast at
5:00 p.m. if he or she is also scheduled to caption the post-game show for
a baseball game that begins at 4:00 p.m.?  Once again, you would think the
captioner would have plenty of time, but what if the game set a record as
the shortest game in history?
The New York Giants and Philadelphia Phillies set the record for the
quickest played game in Major League Baseball history in 1919.  They were
able to finish in only 51 minutes.
As you can see, scheduling captioners for events based on the times of
baseball games can be difficult, and you may need to have a backup plan.
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please email
News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
    When a deaf person wins a Federal lower court case, victory
celebration is often premature until the Court of Appeals affirms
it. And again, the Court of Appeals victory means nothing until
the Supreme Court weighs on it.
    This refers to the Ronald Lockhart vs Fedex case. Lockhart,
a deaf man, was discriminated against in his place of employment
at Fedex, and so, he sued.
    He won. Fedex appealed. Lockhart won again. Fedex again appealed
and the Supreme Court decided in Lockhart’s favor.
    The lower court $100,000 punitive damages award that was
continuously appealed by Fedex probably lost the loser millions
and millions of dollars in legal fees! Who knows – just pocket
change to Fedex?
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
When Colonel Gadaffi, the Libyan strongman, was overthrown, it took
the efforts of seven militia brigades to do the job. One of these
brigades was Misrata Deaf Brigade, all of these fighters being
deaf. This 100-strong brigade is claiming credit for the overthrow.
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Facebook Purges Russian Firms’ Accounts

On the day Facebook came clean about purging American accounts, perhaps the biggest one yet, it also revealed that 66 apps, pages, and accounts associated to Russian firms working on facial recognition for the Russian government were removed for good.

Facebook pinpointed that accounts associated with Fubutech and SocialDataHub were removed, largely for violating its policies i.e. scraping data from Facebook’s network for ill intents and purposes.

In a cease-and-desist letter for SocialDataHub by Facebook, dated Tuesday, the social media giant highlighted how it believed that the firm worked for the Russian government. Additionally, it gave the firm and its sister company, Fubutech, until Friday to come clean about what data they had taken, and delete it all immediately.

This scenario illustrates a new reality for the social media giant. Seeing how Fubutech and SocialDataHub have been around for four years, leeching off Facebook’s data to build its own products, it does not bid well for the social media giant’s reputation.

With Facebook looking into its products amidst public outcry and scrutiny, it has found several companies indulging in activities resulting in questionable ends.

Since Fubutech and SocialDataHub resorted to web scraping for data collection, it has presented another challenge for Facebook. Basically, scraping is a technique used by computer programmers to collect information from sites. What is interesting about this technique is that it can’t be prevented, let alone detected. With scraping, any and all data can be pulled from a profile, and even about a user’s friends.

On the other hand, the chief executive of Fubutech and SocialDataHub, stated in an interview on Friday that Facebook was unfair with how it dealt with the situation. He went on to explain how the companies in question actually scrape Google for the data needed for its facial-recognition software, instead of Facebook. Furthermore, he clarified that SocialDataHub’s primary product assigns scores to Russian citizens based on their profiles on all available social media platforms; which in turn make it easier for banks and insurers to make informed decisions regarding lending and whatnot.

Facebook has refused to accept these claims and has gone on record to state that the only reason why a cease-and-desist letter was even sent was with sufficient evidence in place.

Whatever the case may be, there is no denying the fact that this incident and Facebook reviewing its third-party apps this late in the game will not fare well for its reputation. But then again, taking its reach and popularity into account, Facebook users will continue to use the platform, albeit being a bit more cautious about what information they share with the social media platform.

All in all, be it Facebook or Twitter, it is best for users to avoid sharing their private and confidential information so freely. Additionally, if they want to continue using said platforms, they should do so by using a reliable VPN without fail, like Ivacy VPN for instance.

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Ivacy Halloween VPN Deal 2018

The boo-tiful Halloween season is just around the corner. With the weather changing its course and the dried autumn leaves ready to roll, once in a year on every 31st of October, goblins from around the world get very excited about this spook-tacular trick or treat season. Are you already feeling the goosebumps? Are you ready for some skele-fun? Then read on to learn more about Ivacy’s Halloween VPN Deal 2018.

Advisory: You can’t run from my skele-puns. More ahead!

This Halloween we’ve got great aaah-mazing and discounts to help you make the most of it.

To celebrate Halloween together, Ivacy is now offering its services at an exclusive discount of 10% on the purchase of any Ivacy plan. How, you ask? Well, all you need to do is take advantage of the following coupon code:


Protect your online presence and secure data sharing with industry’s leading VPN. Your online security is our primary ghoul. Allow us to make sure your personal data does not get abused by creepy goblins.

Getting kissed by a vampire is a pain in the neck which is precisely why Ivacy offers you the ultimate web security from all the blood-sucking vampires who make your life no better than a living hell.

What you can do with a VPN this Halloween 2018?

Apart from partaking in activities associated with Halloween i.e dressing up as your favorite movie, TV or cartoon character and distributing candy; you can always indulge in the massive horror movies and TV shows featured online. No matter what streaming service you prefer, there is plenty of content for you to look out for this Halloween. If that is not enough, several new shows and movies will be released during this time, like the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for instance. But accessing said movies and TV shows can be a hassle if you outside the US.

Geo-restrictions can be a real pain, since it prevents you from accessing your favorite content, simply because you reside in another region. Fortunately, this where a VPN comes in the picture to save the day for you. Ivacy’s Halloween VPN deal gives you the ability to switch between VPN servers from regions across the globe, to access local content, which would otherwise be inaccessible. If you are worried about getting compromised, fear not, as you will have features like Internet Kill Switch, Smart DNS Protection and Military Grade Encryption to cover your tracks.

How to Unblock Netflix?

Not just any VPN will unblock Netflix for you, but Ivacy does.  With Netflix cracking down on VPNs, a measly few remain. Ivacy VPN is one of those VPNs that continue to give users the ability to get access to Netflix’s massive library, no matter where they are located.

If you want to unblock Netflix, simple follow these instructions:

  1. Get an Ivacy VPN subscription. Don’t forget to use the coupon code: “HALLOWEEN2018”
  2. Download and install Ivacy on any device of your choosing.
  3. Connect to a VPN server.
  4. Voila! Enjoy localized content on Netflix for the region to which you are connected to.

Hulu VPN

If you are worried that you are going to be left out, because you don’t have a Netflix account, you should rest easy knowing Ivacy has got you covered. Apart from Netflix, Ivacy allows you to unblock and access almost any and all streaming platforms out there.

So if you have a Hulu account for instance, then Ivacy’s Hulu VPN will do wonders for you. You will get unbelievable speeds, enough to make sure you have the best streaming experience like never before.

Kodi VPN

Even though Netflix and Hulu are great streaming platforms, there are those that wish to watch their content for free. Kodi is one such platform that allows users to watch any content their heart desires, despite not having a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime account.

What is really interesting about Kodi is that it can be installed on just about device or platform you can think of. This means no matter where you go, you can get your streaming fix with ease via Kodi. But for the full experience, you will need Ivacy’s Kodi VPN.

Access Popcorn Time

Apart from Kodi, you also have other options where you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free. One such option is Popcorn Time. Unlike Kodi, Popcorn Time is more of a BitTorrent client. But, it does have an integrated media player, meaning you can stream torrents right away. Do keep in mind though, if you go down this path, you will attract unwanted attention. Torrenting is mostly frowned upon, and with copyright issues, you could end up getting a DMCA notice. The only way you can avoid getting in trouble is by using Ivacy VPN to access Popcorn Time.

Once you have installed Ivacy on the same device where Popcorn Time is installed, all you need to do is to connect to a VPN server. Rest assured, once you are connected, you won’t have to worry about getting a DMCA notice, nor will your ISP know what you are up to.

This Halloween, make the most of Ivacy’s Halloween VPN deal. Not only can use it to stream content online with complete privacy and anonymity, but you can also use it to shop in different regions for the best discounts. Whether you want to get a new costume or candy real cheap, Ivacy VPN will help you do just that. What is even great is that the savings in itself will pay for the price of Ivacy’s subscription plan, meaning it will cost you nothing if you end up going on a shopping spree.

No matter where you go, what you watch online and what you buy online; know this: Ivacy is you ultimate solution. In this day and age where privacy and security is non-existent, it is up to you to take matters into your own hands. The last thing you need is for you to lose you information, or worse, become a victim of identity theft. So play safe, and stay spooky (read frosty) this Halloween.
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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Tips for Keeping Your Personal Data, Personal.

Halloween isn’t the only thing happening in October; it’s also National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). Launched in 2003, NCSAM is a month-long effort to educate the public about the importance of security awareness, and the genuine threats happening online.

Created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cybersecurity Alliance, NCSAM is essential, because there are a lot of digital risks out there.

With the continuing trend of Russian hackers, kids with laptops who are smart enough to hack Tesla, and attacks like those that leave Target scrambling, it’s good practice to be prepared, and know how to defend yourself.

In recognition of the month, we’ll be offering some cyber security awareness tips and tricks as to what you can do to check your systems or adjust your processes even if you’re not great with technology.

Cybersecurity is something we all can get behind because frankly, knowing there are people out there who can hack the little camera on your laptop is quite frightening.

To get started down our cybersecurity journey, here are a few things you can do right now to make yourself safer online:

Don’t be Facebook friends with that strange, attractive person…

Let’s just be realistic, if a beautiful woman or extremely attractive man with no mutual friends, who also happens to look like a model on some faraway beach wants to be your friend on Facebook, it’s likely a bot. A bot that wants to hack into your account with the goal of selling your friends knock off Ray Ban sunglasses. If you’re going to add people on social media at least have some tangible connection to them.

Ransomware is a Real Threat

Ransomware is a real (and really annoying) threat. Ransomware will break into your network through an innocuous back door and then once it has access to your information, lock you out until you agree to the ransom; which can cost you thousands of dollars with no guarantee of recovering your data.

To fight ransomware, we suggest:

  • Keep your OS up-to-date – there are always patch fixes
  • Never open .zip files from senders you don’t know
  • Never click on random links or download files from strangers

Lock it all up

Put passwords on your devices. And not 000000, either. (Kanye, we’re looking at you.) If you leave your phone or laptop easily accessible on a table, who knows what valuable and personal information they can find.

Be a Little Paranoid

Use common sense when you’re online. Follow these three simple rules:

  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is
  • If it looks like it’s probably a bad idea, it’s a bad idea
  • If someone is asking for personal information, don’t give it to them

Get a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an encryption tunnel between you and your online behavior. A VPN hides your identity and location, and your information is encrypted.

Check for the https://

Websites with an SSL Certificate, if the website has a https:// URL, encrypts data coming and going to the site. Anything without the https:// risks the chance of getting compromised. Don’t give websites without an https:// any personal information including online shopping.

Be Mindful
If you’re working at a coffee shop or at a cafe, you’re on a public Wi-Fi network. Whatever you’re free to do, so is someone else. Don’t leave yourself open to hackers while shopping online using an unsecured Wi-Fi network (unless you’re using a VPN).

These are just a few of the tips and tricks we’ll be sharing throughout October. If you’ve got a tip, you’d like us to share, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. For everything else, check the Golden Frog blog


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2018/10/12

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 12, 2018


— a hearing person is anti-captions

A hearing person wrote in a newspaper editorial
that she is anti-captions. Her reasons – captions
interfere with voice dialogue; captions steal her
eyes from the film action; captions require
refocusing of eyes while watching the film;
captions interfere with the film movement;
captions cut off parts of the screen. Does
DeafDigest editor feel sorry for the hearing
woman? No – if the woman hates captions she
should look for non-captioned movies!



— seeing a trend; more flashing devices at work

Years ago, not too many work places had flashing
devices for the deaf. Deaf employees (office or
factory or garage, etc) just had to use their
eyes. There have been stories recently of
flashing devices on fork lifts for the benefit
of deaf operators, and of printing presses having
these devices for the benefit of deaf pressmen.
In a perfect world, all deaf work places are
fully outfitted with these flashing devices,
even at offices where deaf employees sit on their



— deaf apartment renters or deaf house owners

There was a survey, saying that more deaf people
rent apartments as opposed to buying homes.
Big reason is that buying a home is more complicated,
requiring use of interpreters to deal with realtors
and during the settlements. Renting an apartment
is less complicated. True or not true? Do not know.
But – buying a new car is almost just as complicated
as buying a new house (these hated paperwork moments)
yet there are many deaf people buying new cars!



Deaf jobs – latest update

10/07/18 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:


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Open Thread October 12

Pfffffffffffff. Man, this year, huh? I don’t know.


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How To Watch Formula 1 Live Stream Online 2018

For fans, every Grand Prix Formula 1 event is usually a Super Bowl of sorts, an All-Star Game and a championship party bundled into one. As for those, living under a rock or if the aforesaid doesn’t excite them, Formula 1 live stream events take place like 20 times each year and that’s saying something!

The locales are perhaps the most vibrant ones in the whole world such as Abu Dhabi and Australia. F1 live stream fanatics do not even blink when it comes to the engine roaring action with tires squealing.

However, the question which needs answering here is how to watch Formula 1 live streaming free online? Without further ado, let’s find out.

The best way to stream Formula 1 online is by using a VPN. With a VPN, short for a virtual private network you are able to mask your IP address and in turn, secure your internet network by connecting from anywhere in the world.

You can utilize Ivacy VPN to watch the F1 live stream in a safe manner and in high definition. Select from over 450 servers and 100+ locations to catch the action!

Get Ivacy Now

A Little Bit About Formula 1 Live Stream 2018

The thrill and excitement – is at an all-time high for Formula 1 season of 2018. And this largely due to Lewis Hamilton leading the charge for Grand Prix Championship. Just behind him is Sebastian Vettel, who from the looks of it, is giving in his 100% to outrun his competition.

We say this because, for the past four races, Vettel is at it over and over again. So far he has failed but that is what has made this season’s F1 racing all the more thrilling! The next race in the long-line of races is all set to hit on October 21st, 2018.

For longtime fans, as well as those seeking high octane car racing, it will be a disappointment if they are unable to watch the Formula 1 racing live. Not everybody can be present at Circuit of the Americas track to catch the action as it unfolds so below are alternative methods of watching the F1 live stream.

How to Watch F1 Live Stream Online in the UK

In the UK, Sky Sports and Channel 4 have the rights to broadcast Formula One Live Stream. Sky Sports provides you with three ways in which you can watch Formula 1 races; via Live TV, Sky Go (app) and through Now TV pass. If you happen to be located in the UK region, you can watch the races for a mere subscription of £45 per month.

But if you are located outside of the UK, you will not be able to access the content you desire. Same is the case with Channel 4. So the workaround to this is availing their respective free-to-air (FTA) broadcasting channel which is (as stated) free, although requires UK IP address to function.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Subscribe to Ivacy VPN
  • Download and install Ivacy on your preferred device or you can always configure it on your VPN compatible router
  • Connect to the UK server from within the app
  • Visit Sky Sports or Channel 4’s official website
  • Voila! You’re all set to enjoy the Formula 1 live streaming free online

How to Watch Formula 1 Live Stream Online in Australia

In Australia, the official broadcast for Formula 1 live stream is Fox Sports. You can watch the F1 live stream in the following manner if you are located abroad.

  • Sign up for Ivacy VPN
  • Install Ivacy on your preferred device or you can always configure it on your VPN compatible router
  • Connect to Australia server from within the app
  • Visit Fox Sports AUS official website and sign in
  • Sit back and rejoice in F1 live stream free!

How to Watch Formula 1 Live Stream Online from Anywhere

NBC Sports has the rights to officially broadcast all the live action from the world of Formula 1 racing but the channel is US based which is why you will require US cable subscription. However, if you already own the subscription, you can simply access it from anywhere.

Here’s how:

  • Register and download Ivacy VPN
  • Install Ivacy on your preferred device such as PC, Xbox, and Mobile etc.
  • With Ivacy, select US region from among the list of servers
  • Once connected, head to NBC Sports US website and enter user credentials to watch the F1 live stream, straight away

Country Information and Streaming Companions for F1 Live Stream

Now that you know how you can watch Formula 1 live stream, it is equally imperative that we list down the streaming channels prevalent in other countries as well so you are aware where you can watch the F1 live stream free.

  1. In countries such as Germany, France, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, and Hungary you can watch Formula One live stream on F1 TV Pro for a price of $8-12.
  2. Also in the US, you can access the Formula live stream action on ESPN Univision for free with TV Provider Subscription.
  3. In Canada, via TSN and RDS for free with TV Subscription.
  4. For the Russian region, we have Match TV which is free!
  5. Moreover, in the Middle East, BeIN Sports own the broadcasting means for Formula One live stream at a price of $10.83 per month

More channels can be found in the table below:

Get Ivacy Now

A Fair Warning!

Streaming via illegal means can get you in hot water with the authorities and you can be served a DMCA notice. We, at Ivacy, do not condone the use of illegal streaming means rather always advise on using official channels to help both industry and the community to grow.

However, most paid subscriptions can prove to be unaffordable for the most and that is why free streaming techniques are resorted to. Again, we do not condone their use but if you must, might we suggest the affordable Ivacy VPN.

A VPN will mask your online identity against any surveillance; be it your government or ISP. Your IP address will remain hidden and you will appear anonymous to anyone who might be keeping tabs on your online activity. In addition, a VPN will protect you against hackers and data snoopers who may be after your sensitive data.

Therefore, be wise, employ Ivacy VPN and stream securely!

Devices to Watch Formula 1 Live Stream

You can watch the F1 live stream on a wide array of devices with Ivacy VPN. Devices include PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Linux, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, and Firestick (TV) etc. In addition, Kodi is another excellent platform for catering your streaming needs.

It is important that we detail how you amplify your Formula 1 live stream experience on Kodi, given it is perhaps the largest open source media streaming platform.

In short, Kodi functions based on different addons and in the text that follows you will find Kodi addons to watch the F1 live stream for free! We won’t be delving into the installation of these addons as that is, presently, outside the purview of this guide.

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra is one of the outstanding Kodi addons for watching live sporting events, F1 live stream free included. You can download it from the official Kodi addon repository and it is pretty easy to set up.

This addon brings streams from licensed sources only plus there is no compromise on quality. However, if you are streaming outside of the US region, then Ivacy VPN is your best bet!

Sports 365 Live

Yet another popular addon for getting appropriate sports streams such as F1 live stream and many others including Tennis, Football, Hockey and you name it! The addon has only one dedicated channel for streaming of live sports, so the fans of sports are in luck with this.

Project Mayhem Sports

This addon is brought to you by the same set of developers who are behind the immensely successful Maverick addon. In addition to housing Formula 1 live stream, the addon also provides you with the access to BT Sports, Super Bowl, Sky Sports, Premier League, Sports Highlights, Martial Art Sections and much more!

You can also set up Kodi on your Android device and watch the Formula 1 live stream in a seamless manner.

Racer Standings

I think it’s time we learn who stands where in this Grand Prix event. The table below details Formula 1 live stream rankings for drivers after 17 races.

To Wrap It Up

This season it is the next level. Why you might ask? Because there are some serious modifications which are underway in terms of both engineering and design of the cars. The racer lineup, calendar, and logo have all been modified as well to garner more interest which will lead to increased viewership.

Ferrari and Mercedes will go head to head, Malaysian Grand Prix will be sorely missed and also the grid girls, yes you read that correctly. No more grid girls this season.

Get Ivacy Now
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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2018/10/11

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 11, 2018


— past governor lost to a deaf man

Arnold Schwarzenegger is well known as action actor, past California
governor, professional bodybuilder, etc. He lost to a deaf man – Lou
Ferrigno for the role as Hulk in the TV series. Lou won because
he was bigger in size than Arnold! Both men are friends now,
but in the past, they were rivals.


— be careful when wearing a certain T-shirt design

A deaf man was wearing a deaf-theme T-shirt. A hearing
man didn’t like the T-shirt because he thought it was
gang-related. As a result the deaf man was assaulted.
The deaf man was not able to explain to the angry
hearing man that it was a deaf-theme and not a
gang-related theme. The hearing man was arrested
and sentenced to a term in prison; he previously
was never in trouble!


— research says 50 percent of deaf employees have been mocked by hearing

A research said 50 percent of deaf employees have been mocked
by hearing employees? True or not true? 50 percent or higher or
lower? Hard to say – but is it mocking if a hearing person mouths
“deaf mute” with someone else while talking about that deaf person
who happened to lipread that word?



Deaf jobs – latest update

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – 2018/10/10

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 10, 2018

— Dragon Prince: choice between deaf and hard of hearing actress

Aaron Ehasz, not deaf, produced a Netflix fantasy –
Dragon Prince. He had a choice – use a sign language
deaf cartoon character wtih a cartoon interpreter
speaking out for her – or to use a hard of hearing
cartoon character that would sign and speak for herself.
He chose the deaf character with an interpreter character.


— hiring a language officer

A language officer was hired by a city council.
That officer will oversee various languages,
including sign language. His job is to make
sure all public announcements, visual displays,
and visual postings are announced in these
different languages. Language Police? Sort of!
That city council is Belfast City Council in
Northern Ireland; it didn’t say if the
language officer must be fluent in sign


— deaf poker player at World League Poker Championships

Richy Mackie, who is deaf, will be competing at Las Vegas’
World League Poker Championships. It is his third
participation at the championships. He plays poker
full time, saying “Poker has become somewhat more than
a hobby”



Deaf jobs – latest update

10/07/18 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:


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